Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Things That I Just Don't Really Care About

It came to my mind just now to write about this. Not that it really matters to anyone out there reading this or whatever...but to just you know...let me just say, to let certain things out. Not that this bugs me or anything, but just to show you that there is no point of asking, telling, or showing me things that...well, there would be no point of me caring about. Even if it's certain things that would catch my attention or persuade me. I'm not wasting my time for that stuff! There's a lot that matter to me, and personally, that I care about--I stress that, by the way--but there are also lots of other ish floating around that I just don't really give a rat's booty about.

Take for instance the new Shakira music video (I think it's called "She Wolf" or somethin') off her new, upcoming album. Saw this when I flipped the channel to NBC and Access Hollywood was on and for some damn reason I happen to watch all 30 freakin' minutes of it. Was it me, tired, or just lazy to change the dang channel? I don't know. I honestly DON'T watch that show or any of those gossipy, reality "news" programs...or ANYTHING reality. Well, almost anything...Okay, maybe Jon & Kate Plus 8, Cake Boss, and The Little Couple...I find those interesting and enjoyable to watch. But all that other bullcrap that's on...psh! watching the segment where they were talking about Shakira's brand-new music video that's set to debut on MTV (what's MTV...?) tonight...I just, well...didn't care. Which brings me to my point, even further...Well, maybe a list, in no particular order:

1) I really don't care about spankin' new music videos that are set to hit the airwaves, UNLESS it's those types of music videos that actually go well together with the artist's music, with the video. Meaning it has this conceptuality to it. And for me, it's gotta appeal to me and have some dope cinematography with the vid. Example, you know that Amerie joint "Why RU"? That's one music video I don't care about. Nothin' special about it...Plus, the music and concept of the video doesn't come close. Dope song...but, really...?

2) I really don't care about people texting me useless things...or even let my own self decide for them! Can't you make your own damn decisions yourself? Shoot, I got things to do. Oh, even those so-called "chain letters". YUCK. I hate them. Don't even waste your time because I don't care whatsoever and I WILL NOT reply back...UNLESS it's something important or in need to tell me. I'd rather talk on the phone or in person rather than to just text, personally.
3) I know some people out there are gonna get me for this, but...I really don't care about social networking sites. *pause* Yeah, yeah, yeeah...I know I have a Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog...but honestly, I really don't care about them--EXCEPT, however, my blog because it's something personal--because I really don't use them a lot, check them, and reply or whatever. My life doesn't run on these sites at all...But ultimately you're saying, BUT YOU STILL HAVE ONE! And I say...BUT I'M NOT ON IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! So, next time if you ask me to go on Facebook...I certainly might not go on it until I feel like it. Find me in person, the phone, or hit up my blog...

4) I really don't care much at all about mainstream/commerical music and the radio anymore. All utter bullshit to me. Nothin' really new or dope to listen, dance, hum, bob your head to, etc., it's ALL THE SAME to me. What's with the whole "snap music" goin' on? I mean, really...Crunk shit? C'mon! Where's all the real Hip-Hop and feel good music out there on the radio today? Seems like all that good shit is on the lower level...While some are out there already. I'm stickin' to what I dig and vibe out to.

5) I really don't care about--alot, really--people copying me. It's annoying and it isn't making you who you really are and not very reputable. Why would you ever do that in the first place? I really don't get that. You can dress, look, and act like me...but you can NEVER BE ME. Word? Go find your own self and orginality...and STICK WITH IT. Besides...what is so special about me anyways that people want to be me, or be LIKE me...?

6) I really don't care at all about stupid talk. I think this is self-explanatory here. Look, there's more important stuff to deal with and to worry about...Why would I care about something that is or would be so pointless to me?

7) ...Not sure if there is a seven, or eight...or even a number 9, and on, about other stuff that I just don't really care about. This list was tough to make. Had to think...but I'm pretty sure there's more that don't matter to me. I guess I just have to wait for more myself...

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