Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Introducing The Kid Daytona

I'm not really sure if I posted up anything from The Kid Daytona, like that Daytona 500 EP...Oh well, I guess I'll post that up, too even if I did already some time...

Like I said, The Daytona 500 EP presented by Mick Boogie is basically a 7-track EP using Bob James' "Nautilus" track (see Ghostface Killah's joint "Daytona 500") on each different track. Producers, such as, 6th Sense, Ill Bomb, Double 0, Jet Audio, & The Government had them all flip the same sample. This is basically an 'audio, structrual construction', an anticipation for his album, Come Fly With Me (see below...Plus it's FREE).

1. The First Lap
2. The Wings {prod. 6th Sense}
3. The Body {prod. Ill Bomb}
4. The Engine {prod. Double 0}
5. The Navigation {prod. Jet Audio}
6. The Take Off (Flight) {prod. The Government}
7. The Pit Crew *BONUS TRACK* feat. Outasight, Harlem's Cash, 6th Sense {prod. 6th Sense}


1. Just Fly {prod. 6th Sense}
2. Air Jordan feat. Harlem's Cash {prod. The Government}
3. The Groove feat. Mickey Factz {prod. Deputy}
4. Honestly feat. Avriel Epps {prod. Cook Classics}
5. Twilight {prod. Jet Audio}
6. Contact! feat. Kardinal Offishall {prod. 6th Sense}
7. Flava Season {prod. Double 0}
8. The Minimum feat. Tiara Wiles {prod. 6th Sense}
9. In The Wind {prod. 6th Sense}
10. Lately feat. Amanda Diva {prod. Ill Bomb}
11. Eye Know feat. Mike Maven {prod. 6th Sense}
12. Perfect feat. Outasight {prod. 6th Sense}
13. Right Now Till Then {prod. 6th Sense & Frequency}
14. Air Born feat. Bun B {prod. 6th Sense}

Monday, June 29, 2009


So...I heard that Billy Mays also passed yesterday, Sunday. At first I thought it was just a rumor, didn't really believe it...until I logged on and went on Yahoo! just before I checked my e-mail...and yet, it was true...That dude was cool and yet I was just getting into Pitchmen...

Damn. It's like everyone's dying these days...within a matter of days! I guess things can really change in a blink of an eye...

So I'm sorta still recovering from the really long weekend I had and quite frankly, I ain't really feelin' it today. Though I'm not really tired, I just feel like 'blah'. But we'll see how today goes...


Friday, June 26, 2009

P.B. Wolf Video Mix Tribute To Mikey J. X Got To Be There

Okay, no offense or anything...but I'm just gonna lay off the tributes a little bit. I think there should be more listening to his actual recordings than some people out there doing other tribute covers and songs of his. No offense to anyone out there performing, but I'm just saying to those who sorta can't get it right...but props for tryin' though.

Anyways, to end tonight I thought I'd post this really dope video mix tribute by
Stones Throw boss Peanut Butter Wolf. If anyone knows Wolf and has been to his shows...you know what's down and knows how and what to spin. Check it out...

...Oh, and don't forget below is an audio track "Got To Be There" which is one of my many favorites because it's just...SMOOOOTH; it's kinda catchy to me...And I just like his singing voice and just somethin' to vibe out with...

P.S. And just for the record, I personally think that all the vintage M.J. tunes/videos are so much cooler than the ones much later. It's not to say that I don't like the others, it's just there's something that I love about all the vintage Michael that's so fun and energizing...Now...there won't be another one like him, no matter who or what you are. Michael was himself...Michael was Michael. I personally don't think their will never be a replacment for such great as Michael.

Michael Jackson - Got To Be There

Throwback Of A Rare Gem

For more on M.J., visit Okayplayer for some ill treats...

Here's a rare gem via Okayplayer, spotted on the message boards...The Jacksons, LIVE in Amsterdam on the Destiny Tour, February 26th, 1979. Click photo for track list and download...

Sick Of It.

Glad to know I'm not the only one feeling like this...I gotta let off some steam for a minute...

Yes, we all know what's up. So untimely and yet so young. But what bugs me is this...People on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace throwin' up stuff like gossip like you "KNOW" what's down...Ya'll gotta cool out and stfu with those damn updates. It's like all of you wanna be the first one...like on the KNOW, and the first to report. People...can you show some respect, damnit? Stop all these false comments and also those private comments, too. There's already so much goin' on right now on the media...do you REALLY gotta make this worse...? Seriously, one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, of all time has just passed. I'm honestly STILL trying to get my head wrapped around this whole thing...But ya'll are blowin' up on the spot on Twitter, Facebook, etc. with all these gossip-y comments and false shit ya'll are throwin'. Really though, we ALL know what was happening...show some damn respect. I'm SICK of all this. I refuse to believe all thay hype. That falseness and disrespect...SICK OF IT...Sick of YOU people out there doin' that shit.

Okay...with all that said, thought I'd give my reflections on Mikey J...

I'll be honest. I wasn't THAT big of a Michael Jackson fan, just a regular fan. You know what I mean? Not those heavy-hitter, hardcore-type of fans...no. Just a fan. Me, myself, and I just growin' up listening and watching Michael perform and watching those music videos--whatever happend to those? (MTV SUCKS BALLS NOW...) Anyways, I've always liked Michael's music and his sense of style with all those dance moves. He was always fun and dope to listen/watch to. His stuff always made me smile and wish I could do the same things he did, i.e., the moonwalk. Personally, I haven't really owned any of his albums...but my dad has and when I started growing up and enjoying music more, which, then, turned into my endless digging and record collecting, that's when I started getting his albums. Never actually owned the ORIGINAL Thriller, but I do have the 25th Anniversary LP which I gladly keep and still listen to...Mikey J., your dope...Rest In Power.

Imagine what he's doin' right now with Dilla, J.B., and all the other ill greats up there in the pearly gates...

Peace to all who are dope and keepin' this shit real...And a big "F. YOU" to all the jackasses...


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Birds With One Stone


I've been on the lazy side recently, but I thought I'd just leave it up to you guys to check this out via Okayplayer. Wanna know? Just somethin' from DJ Nu-Mark (yeah, like wtf happend to him, right...?) and introducing Lushlife; an audio track off Lushlife titled "In Soft Focus" ft. Elzhi & Ariel Pink--that joint is HOT! Check that out as well...

I also can't wait for Melanie Fiona's debut LP on August 18th. Looking forward to that...And look out for Melanie Fiona & ?uestlove to drop a mixtape soon...like TOMORROW. Some really LIVE ish is comin' out of that one...?uestlove and WQST RADIO present: Melanie Fiona meets The ILLADELPHONICS (A Live Remix Jam Session of The Bridge)

Struttin' and two-steppin' to that track, man...



Two words...BOMB PERFORMANCE. One of the loudest and upbeat since Ben Harper performed with his band on Fallon...AND Dice Raw is in it...

Yo, Where You At? (The Big Getback)

Rap Pioneers Then & Now
Posted Tue Jun 2, 2009 1:22pm PDT by Shawn Amos in GetBack

The other week Tone-Loc was hospitalized in Florida after passing out during a concert. He's 43 now, and his collapse begs two questions: can dudes rap into their forties, and... people go to hip-hop shows in Florida?

Actually, the whole hip-hop generation is approaching middle-age. I'm sure we could argue all day long about the first hip-hop moment, the first hip-hop single, or the moment when hip-hop's spark was truly ignited. I'm going to put a stake in the sand on that last one and call it as August 11, 1973. That's the night Bronx DJ Kool Herc (short for "Hercules" - a childhood nickname) played the first breakbeat at the 1520 Sedgwick Avenue project housing recreation room. And with this break the hip-hop blueprint was drawn.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Roots!

I'm lazy. But I will say this...It was SUPPOSED to drop today, but word is it will be out October 20th. Perfect for my birthday month! Anyone wanna give me a copy...or two? *smiles cheezily* Yeah, I'm lazy. On Fallon...TONIGHT! Hit up Okayplayer for more on this...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure

It's Summer time. Why not relax and cool out with some chilled-out music and dope vibes? Enjoy and 'take it all with you'...

Again, I was at Nicolay's site checking on what's new and I came across this mixtape posted on his site titled, Take It All With You. This mixtape is mixed by DJ Mensa from Toronto and serves as a primer or introduction to the work of The Foreign Exchange, sound, and their extended family. This is also been put together for the preparation for The FE's performance in Toronto earlier this month. Enjoy this soulful mix for your player...and to you...

Also, check out FREE music on Nic's site titled, Off The Shelf. FREE, exclusive, unreleased music all Summer long for your enjoyment...

The SA-RA Creative Partners

Today, SA-RA has put out their latest effort, their brand new LP Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love. I've heard two tracks off this LP, "The Bone Song" (shouts to BLS) and "Dirty Beauty" ft. Erykah Badu (which is up on Okayplayer right now). I honestly like what I'm hearing in this new LP. It's really fresh and new and it still has that SA-RA style and originality just like on there first album, which I really like and enjoy. Nuclear Evolution has been described as: "Musical, adventurous, and even more evolved than anything they've done before... it also shows a controlled, polished, and in-the-pocket side of their work...it further proves that they are a musical force to be reckoned with." With all that said, there's a BONUS...The album is a double CD of 17 brand new tracks , plus a bonus disc of beats and previously released SA-RA/Ubiquity tracks. Hit up iTunes to buy this LP (click cover above) or get it in stores now!



“A short, but in-depth ep based on the four colors that make up the traditional printing process; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Each track is a synaesthetic response translating the emotions each color evokes.”

Another awesome production by LA producer Dert. The sound is very futuristic and it’s very “on some another level type $h!T” feel/vibe. Click on the pic to listen and/or purchase.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Heard

What do Norman "Fat Boy Slim" Cook, BEP member, beatsmith, writer, and Filipino ninja warrior Poet Name Life, and Cuba have in common? Some really new, dope music that is.

Caught up with Okayplayer and it was in the news section that caught my attention of this album cover by The Revolution:

To me, I instantly thought 'WORLD MUSIC' and how music is so inspired and influenced by many people and other countries of race and culture. I'm always a big fan of new music and part of that is international music, whether it be some form of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, etc. From Brazilian music to Indian to other Latin music. I believe that music like this just brings us, not just as a listener, but us as humans closer to ourselves, to other people, and to other cultures. I also believe it's important to experience these kinds of music outside our country and have our ears listen to something a little more different. We may or may not like what we hear, but I think it's that respect that we all have to put in priority and in action. Hearing varieties of music or just letting them into our ears and into our lives gives us a sense of belongingness; a connection or a bridging of people, sounds, and words in different languages. Music, to me, it speaks to us like a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE much like how English is a universal language. It's like a question-answer or call-response type-of-deal. Music is for us, made by us, played by us... to you...

Revolution is in stores now, or you can check it out here on Amazon or iTunes.

The following is a behind-the-scenes look of the making of Revolution...Really and truly inspiring...

The Revolution presents Revolution Feature
by rapsterrecords


Here is the article on Okayplayer that I read...

Revolution Starts On The Dancefloor
Posted on 06/22/2009

I think it was Will Ferrell, or maybe Ben Stiller, who said, 'The way to a girl's heart is through the emergency room.' I probably have that confused, but it's totally true. Case and point, the rooftop rendezvous I had with Black Eyed Peas beatsmith, writer and Filipino ninja warrior, Poet Name Life. As monsoon winds blew through Chelsea one wintry spring night, it felt like everything would be swept up in its path, including those overpriced cocktail dresses worn by the waitresses. Instead, the gusts settled for one of those large umbrellas that hip venues use to create that faux tropical look in the middle of the concrete jungle to take captive in its whirlwind. Then just like Zap! Kablooey! Poet reached out, grabbed my arm and ushered me to safety away from the falling tower that was the patio decor. I tried to remain professional, but as the interview began, all I could hear was Dave Grohl growling, "There goes my hero!" as Poet tried to wax, well - poetic, about the risk involved for an American to record an album in Cuba before President Obama began making moves that may make it legal for Americans to visit our neighbors to the (deeper) South. All I knew was that umbrella looked heavy and this little guy rescued me. Done and done. Now what are we supposed to talk about?

Read more here on Okayplayer...

Summer Solstice

I'm back, since I took a weekend absence from blogging. Well, actually, I just kinda forgot to blog and also I didn't feel like blogging for the weekend. But so far since I got out early May, summer's been pretty dope, not to mention it's been insanely hot recently with the damn humidity and me being browner than before--yeah, yeah, this boy is pretty much a burnt Eggroll (Ashley!)

Like I said my summer's been awesome so far despite the hot weather, but I don't really complain much about it...unlike some people. I've started to workout out again and it's really giving me some benefits since I started last month and I just have to--and want t0--keep up my motivation...oh, and portion control is a MUST for me. I really can't be eating or overeating too much. Which, to say the least, I've grown to a size 33 waist. Bummer. But at least a few of my shorts and pants do fit me now, but I gotta downsize a little bit.

Summer with good people, food, and dope music...coolin' it with life...not bad for this year. I think that experiences in life are important and I'm hoping to get more out it...

So, I know I haven't been writing too much here on my blog...just posting up things that I think are worthy and on my mind, really, but I think things will come up sooner or later...and not never.

So, my summer continues....


Friday, June 19, 2009

Chicago, Couple Wed...To Swine Flu

Chicago couple with swine flu say 'I do'

Associated Press

1 hr 16 mins ago

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. – The bride wore white — and a face mask. A Chicago couple married in surgical masks and latex gloves Sunday after learning less than 48 hours before that they both had swine flu. Ilana Jackson and Jeremy Fierstien went ahead with the ceremony after doctors assured them guests wouldn't be at serious risk.

But to be sure, the 26-year-olds kept a 10-foot distance from family and friends at all times, even walking around the gathering instead of down the aisle at a Highland Park synagogue.

Jackson says they'd joked about swine flu after both experienced vomiting, achy limbs and fever. But they never thought they really had it.

She says the circumstances were unfortunate but that they took it in stride.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chicago, The Birth Of House

I love where I live. Chicago has it's best and House music and dance is one of them. This is where mind, body, and soul live in the Chicago House Music scene. Inspiring and expressive and yet so free...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Escap(ism) Sampler

Fresh from DJ Norm Rocwell, this is a mixtape sampler of the full-length mixtape coming soon. Download the sampler below and spread the word!

Classic Dreamer

This car I've always wanted to get. Fell in love with it ever since my eyes caught attention to Her a few years ago.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Afterlife Is Bliss

Donuts: Dilla Helps Hip-Hop Come Full Circle, Even In The After Life.
Posted on 06/15/2009

Though it’s been three years since J Dilla passed, his peers and fans would definitely tell you his presence is still felt while at the same time sorely missed. Now, music’s next generation of musicians are helping to fill the void left behind by the loss of the man and his music, and in the process, helping hip-hop come full circle. Donuts, indeed.

Read more on Okayplayer...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For Those Weathered-Down Weekends

If you don't know the dude on the Violin, I suggest you check this out...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rock The Bells '09 Come Out!

It all starts in Chicago, IL - Saturday June 27th at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. Get tickets here

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Too Damn Much!

However, that's not really gonna stop me.

Had this conversation on the phone a couple nights ago with my homie John and how there's just so much music out there that it's so overwhelming to keep up with. With the technology and Internet these days and since the invention of players and the introduction of digital-formatted tracks, it seems like the consumer or listener, rather, it's so easy to get songs or full-length albums, but yet so hard to get your hands on them, too...if you get what I'm saying. See! It's just TOO DAMN MUCH!

The past several months I've discovered so much music that it got so overwhelming I only had to get as much as I can and leave the rest on the side on a later future. Not so much on the physical records, but more on the Internet, i.e., downloads--LEGAL DOWNLOADS, by the way--from sites such as blogs and what-not. Yeah, I'm saying all this, not to complain, but where does the line cross between digital and actual records? You know, physical copies, which I am a big fan of more than those digital formats. But don't get me wrong, I do like the digital mp3's and downloads, but I'm more of an ANALYTICAL LISTENER, meaning that I just don't listen and bob my head to a song, but I read and learn about it...do a little researching about a track or an album. I look in and through the album. Get in the artist(s) head. Get into a song. Thanks to liner notes and credits. That's how I like to enjoy my music. True cats do that shit...even when they dig around. That's just me. My own take on it.

But I do understand why artists pump out downloads through the 'Net and it's EASIER for the consumer/listener to get their hands on it and ears into it. But for me, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE actual copies of a single, LP, or EP. That's where the support comes, but also it balances out with the support coming from the digital relm. So ultimately, it's sort of a win-win situation. Right? Word.

But what do you think? How do you fair on this?


I Just Knew This Was Going To Happen.

But at least it falls on the month of my birthday =) So really, no worries there...More promotion IS necessary...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing Donn T.

On that Okayplayer tip, yet, again like how I always do every single day and this time I came across Donn T. A fellow Philly native AND...get this...the Frontman of The Legendary Crew--I bet ya'll know who I'm talkin' 'bout here, right? Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of her on the music scene let alone she's comin' up big with some delightful treats...really soon. Speaking of which, you can get a taste of her soulful, melodic sound with this track titled "Kisses" which will appear in the upcoming compilation Om 15: Celebrating 15 Years Of Om Records out on Om Records July 21. Another track, but this time off her forthcoming album, is "Look At (What U Startin')" I took a listen and I'm liking what I'm hearing. Definitely great tracks. Somethin' for our ears and something for everyone.

Read more on OKAYPLAYER...

Mos "Casa Bey" On Late Night

More Mos on Okayplayer...

The Hate On Hamilton

Not a big fan of his...Well, not anymore. Reason? I'm turned off by his mixtapes especially that ...And Then They Played Dilla mixtape AND his attitude and fake-ness. Really, what's up witt this dude?? Has he gone too far? Just got off Twitter reading a Tweet by DJ Houseshoes (good look by the way) and it's rediculous how Hamilton is so foolish. I mean, first he gets POPPED...BY A GIRL! (Yeah, LOL on that one...) You gotta check this out and read about it yourself...

If you can't do anything right or you THINK you know what's up...DON'T DO IT AT ALL. Just STOP. Don't be actin' a fool if you don't know what the fuck is down. I'm not down with people who are like that. FIX YOURSELF. This should be said to everyone...



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mos On Tampanis Performing "Quiet Dog"

Mos Def is back on Letterman this time performing "Quiet Dog." I made the purchase myself today and I spun through it a few times. Honestly, this is a REALLY good record and I highly recommend buying this album. It's his strongest since Black On Both Sides. This album is strong and honest. Support this album and support artists like Mos, even those others out there who are independent. They need it and they deserve it. It's real music to the fullest. Let's do this...

Tuesday Tracksayers

Out today. The E.N.D. (Energey Never Dies) DELUXE EDITION is also out only in Target (that's the RED cover). Includes the hit singles Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling. It's their 5th studio LP since 2004's Monkey Business. The DELUXE EDITION has an addtional 10-bonus tracks of remixes and some new treats as well. 6 being remixes and 4 NEW bonus tracks with an exclusive video and interview. A 2-disc set! Only for $9.98! Standard edition album also available (that's the GREEN cover folks). Get at my boy, John, on his blog--make sure you follow him, too--for a playlist of the album.

Also, don't sleep on Mos' new album The Ecstatic. Out now digitally and in stores...

Vid: F.E. LIVE At Double Door, Chicago 6/7

Monday, June 8, 2009

Karriem Riggins

Drummer/producer/DJ/MC/vocalist this dude does all. He's backed many artists like Dilla and Common, just a name a couple, and makes his mark in many styles and genres of music. Speaking of which, here's a track to vibe out with, an instrumental track, "Soul On Top," to give a taste of what's to come (see flyer below, too...)

Karriem Riggins "Soul On Top"

The Ecstatic

Drops tomorrow the 9th. Looking forward to getting it and getting around to listen to it. So far, I like what I hear thanks to those leaks dropped on the 'Net. Beats are pretty ill, something you'd expect from Dante himself (he's got great tastes in beats and not to mention style). With that said, I still want to watch Next Day Air and Be Kind Rewind...Gotta' catch up on those...


I have mixed thoughts about this product...But who knows, if I play it one day, maybe all that could change. What do you think about it?


Ha. Sucker.

Shoot...I'm a sucker for a lot of things. Not just art and music, but also things that are in between and well...not so in between. Like the weird, but less tacky stuff. I dislike anything that's tacky these days...Not so sure why things are coming back that are tacky. Anyways, I bet you guys out there are suckers for things like that. Maybe more so with other weird shit ya'll are into. I ain't THAT much of a sucker now, shoot! Keep those things in the low-low! I don't need to know that!

Gyeah. I don't know...I find myself getting "sucked" in more with things I'm such a sucker for, even a few that I'm not such of a sucker for and now just getting used to it or liking it. Bad? Not sure...Maybe I'm tapping into my inner child in me or tapping into some other kind of 'Me' that I haven't noticed before, let alone others that haven't seen a side of me before....Hmmm...

Life just gets so weird when it's you, yourself, is living it...And you're not so sure why or what's happening...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Artist In His Own Right - Grotesk

I guess a few have been privileged to be given this title--personally, like J Dilla--and currently, many are birthing to be one themselves. I can safely say that Grotesk fits the bill on this one. I recently picked up issue 101 of JUXTAPOZ and the cover just caught my eye. Just caught my attention. Without hesitation, I snatched it, looked at it, and I INSTANTLY thought:

Because when I saw this:

Reminded me so much about that EP cover. I like his work. Easily one of my favorite artists. I don't know why...but I keep thinking Parra, but his style of work is different and yet surreal and not really similar. Maybe somewhat similar. I guess it's the color variations...Anyways, this is one of my favorite issues out of the 20-30+ issues I have--the other being issue 85 because it had Doze Green featured on it. Haven't quite read through 101 yet, but looking forward to it. I just glanced at the illustrations here and there, then bought it, and just set it on the table. Gyeah. Here's the subscriber cover:


Look at him. Over there...Head-noddin' to a beat. All I see is him doin' that...It's all he does. Every. Single. Time. I'm not so sure, but is he caught up with that ish? It's all he cares about. But I see how it effects him...It's his drug addiction. His own addiction. I look at him...and he's in the zone...Leave him alone.

Tired of folks on his back sometimes...tellin' him what to do or what not to do. His style of work is his own style of work. His originality. Fixation on records...music, really, is a habit for this man. It's not materialism when it comes to this...It's the material that's in this. He revolves around it. Keeps him going...

I can tell when he isn't himself. He separates himself by lyrics and beats, for it's the only way to keep him sane. Let him be...



Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tanya Morgan

This video just made my day somehow. I like this track off Brooklynati. It's got that catchy-ness to it. Classic material. Shoot, if I had an iPhone, I guess the first application I'd get is the mouth app., then strap that ish to my mouth...All suited up and everything. What if us dudes did that on Pauline's Debut...? That'd be dope. Here's Tanya Morgan's latest vid "So Damn Down" off Brooklynati which is in stores and iTunes now!

Below is Tanya Morgan with Blu performing "Morgan Blu" LIVE at SXSW. The joint is also off Brooklynati...I just had to put this. I mean after all, it's Blu...Who doesn't like Blu? Also, the track sounds so much better live than the studio version...It's got that extra PUNCH to it. Peep...

Check out more video treats HERE...

Friday, June 5, 2009


Like I said...if you don't know what's up...then you don't know what's down. That's word.

Track Extension

I'm a big, big, BIG fan of Nicolay and The Foreign Exchange. This time Nic's out done himself for us music heads. Spotted on his site, Nicolay has released, yet again, Time:Line (original release date Feb. 2008). This time the Extended Edition that includes exclusive bonus tracks and remixes. A total of 36 tracks! It's out now, digitally, on iTunes and on Amazon. Get it for only $11.99! Get at his site for more information...

On Some Ish.

It's tough being that dude that's way left-of-center in all things. Not really that liberal...but being proper and different from the rest of people who are out there. Can't I live my own desired life the way I chose it to be? Can't I just do me? Why do you gotta' look down to people like that? Is their something wrong? Yeah, sure, I ain't down to things that others are down with...So what? People can't all be the same. Shit, that'd be so wack. I really don't do conformity...Same shit that people do. Nah...I'm good, son. Let me listen to what I listen to...Some grown folk ish. Not that bullshit ya'll are into. Don't get me wrong about all that...It's just...not ME. Sure my understandings and knowledge may be different...and I may have a different outlook or philosophy about certain subjects, but that doesn't mean I gotta' be one less of a guy.

Get to know the people around you...


Produced By...

If you don't know what's up...then you don't know what's down.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ecstatically Def

Photo: Mel D. Cole

Latest leaked track on the 'Net off The Ecstatic droppin' next Tuesday June 9th via Downtown Records titled "History" produced by J Dilla and featuring Talib Kweli--I think I smell a Black Star rebirth.

Mos Def - "History" ft. Talib Kweli (Prod. by J Dilla)

DJ Spinna

Another one one of them all-around dudes. This time DJ Spinna. Spotted on Okayplayer, his new mixtape The Recall is a collection of his past joints as well as exclusives spanning from '95-'09, and this is a great introduction for those who don't know of his work or not familiar with. I've got a few LP's from Spinna from Dance to Hip-Hop mixes and his upcoming album, Sonic Smash, due out on June 30th on High Water Music is not to miss. Can't wait. Download the mixtape below...

Literally 'Killed Bill'

Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
Associated Press
31 mins ago

BANGKOK – Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" who also had a wide-ranging career in the movies, has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide.

A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy, Michael Turner, confirmed the death of the 72-year-old actor. He said the embassy was informed by Thai authorities that Carradine died either late Wednesday or early Thursday, but he could not provide further details out of consideration for his family.



Just a thought I have...

In one's lifetime and only in one's lifetime that we have chances and opportunities of experiencing life. Good or bad, happy or sad. Life of ourselves or life of others. Without it...what would we get? Just like learning and knowledge...I don't think we can live properly without these kinds of elements. Live lively. Live out loud. Live...respectably. After all, we only have one shot.



I'm back, but have been a little busy before the next 8 weeks come starting next week. And FINALLY the internet is working properly.

Anyways, I was just on Freddie's site and I caught this new joint...So I thought I'd share it with you to tell you what's up...

<a href="http://freddiejoachim.bandcamp.com/track/respect-mind">Respect Mind by Freddie Joachim</a>

Lyrics To Go

"The level-headed throughbred, the female's passion
Mag-netic attraction be keepin' them askin'
The crews in the Cadillacs with the Pendergrassin'
Swerve half-naked, won't come near crashin'
But if I go to heaven, would y'all know my name
or would it be the same for you like I was Eric Clapton, huh?
Clap for you freedom dog, that's what's happening
My spit take critical political action
The hustle is a puzzle each piece is a fraction
And every word that's understood is a transaction..."

Introducing Dolphin

I really like searching for new ish related to music and I like discovering new artists, mainly I've been on that indie tip. However, there are some that just stands out from the rest...Who just goes above and beyond what is just music. Where these individuals set a new standard and level of producing music to the listener. One of them is Dolphin. Recently, I've been on his blog just reading and downloading his free EP's on his blog. Listening to his pieces and reading about his work was so worth making him one of my favorites out there right now. So with that said, I thought I'd share a little bit of what he's all about. Here's a FREE acoustic EP of "Starry Eyes" which I'm really, really feelin' right now as I write this entry. This is one artist that you probably NEVER heard of, but is damn good.

Track Listing:

As It Moves Gently Through The Night
Beautiful People
One Thing
Playboyz (Acoustic Version)
We Fear No One (Acoustic Version)
Black Stars, Blue Lights

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justin BUA

I'm an overall kinda' cat...Likes a lot of things that just interest me and at times I come across some dope art. One of those is this cat by the name of Justin Bua. I've seen a few of his works even on the Breakin' Collection Box Set DVD that I have. I've also came across his book not too long ago at Borders titled The Beat of Urban Art: The Art of Justin Bua. I'm really liking his style and his flava'. It's got that swagger in between as well. Check him out and see for yourself...