Monday, December 15, 2008

Good-Bye Gov'na.

First of all, let me tell you...I'm dumb. I failed to read it carefully. Traffic court hearing is on January 15, '09 and not today, which is, well...the 15th! (Shut-up everyone...)

Impeach the Illinois Governor. That's what I was watching just a few moments ago on the news. Really...what world are we livin' in? First Ryan, now Blagojevich? (Try pronouncing that shit...)

He failed the Illinois people. He completely disrespectedly, disregarded Obama. The dignity. The respect. His power and authority. He abused himself. What a disgrace...What a let down.

I think this song represents where we peoples are at right now...Peep.

Let me do this. What do YOU guys think about all this? About the world goin' nuts in all. Tell me what you think.

It's a recession ya'll...

b. (It's damn cold here. Beautiful day. But damn cold.)


  1. Im not so much making fun of you.. but damnnn brian.. Cant read? hahah kidding!! I jus honestly wish you the best dude.


  2. Lol...foreal!! Thanks though...and for the photos.