Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hip-Hop R(Evolution)

Nas said that Hip-Hop is dead. Common said that Hip-Hop is evolving. Other artisits and other people have said, that includes you folks, as well--maybe--that Hip-Hop is taking a break and Hip-Hop is this and that, blah, blah, blah...

...I feel that Hip-Hop, in ties with other genres of music, is changing or evolving--I ain't bitin' Common's opinion on that...I've believed that it is true to me--I wouldn't say it's dead--I've said that before--but...evolving. However, what IS dead about Hip-Hop is more about it's originality and aesthetics. What's dead is the death of Hip-Hop on/for what and when it was Hip-Hop back in the days...Fazed out--this is what I've seen--are original b-boys, true Hip-Hop MC's, graffiti artists, the whole music scene...and what's without Hip-Hop without THE PEOPLE--society, culture...the fam. I can't take it anymore...I mean, like what the state of Hip-Hop is right now. I'm gonna rebel. I rebelled...I'm a rebel against Hip-Hop. The state...right now. This is why I've gone incognito, a place of independence...where true Hip-Hop and culture collide...a calling...a true-belonging. Up above, those are gone. They've been gone. Down below...we still thrive. Planning a take-over to run those fuckers above. MOVE OVER. WE ARE TRUE HIP-HOP.

Gyeah. Like it? Sucka. Well...driving to school from home, I was listening--for the 131729347+++ time--to the J. Period/Q-Tip: The [Abstract] Best Mixtape (download it FREE here on my blog if you haven't. It's a knocker...) and I think it was track 31 or 32 or 33 where it had Randy Watson and Talib Kweli. Now, if you know me, I'm not just a normal listener to music...I like to listen, eat it, digest it, throw it up, eat it again, digest it again, and well...dissect particulars about music and songs and tell you that that track right there signaled an evolution of Hip-Hop, to me at least. A change...a modification and/or addition, to. To tell you, the track had this Jazzy/Funk feel to it and it made me think how Hip-Hop is changing in a way with other genres. It's amazing. If people can fuse and collab with Hip-Hop artists like that--AND DO IT RIGHT, I might add--then there's something up. I mean that in a good way. If others can't. Tough. Getthefcukout. I mean...listen to the Suite For Ma Dukes EP--out on ITunes--that shit was ORCHESTRATED! How ill is that shit!? What I'm saying is that I'm proud and amazed on what other genres of music and it's artists are collaborating with Hip-Hop artists and coming up with something new to the game...Word? What I'm NOT happy about the mainstream evolution of Hip-Hop to other genres of music, however, that cats think they can come up with some shit and call it--label it--as some other type of Hip-Hop shit. FAKES. You just can't throw shit in a pot and expect it to taste good! WTF!? I hate them cats like those. Want an example? Listen to the radio sometime--I bet a lot of you do--no offense, but I don't listen to the radio anymore...I'm upset by it. Fuck those radio DJ's. Cats need to know what's up. People want to hear some real, feel good music. I'm serious...WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND!? I'm 24...and this is what I get for my life...!? Shit wasn't like this before...even in the '90's!

I like to relate this to Jazz. I dig Jazz music. I love it. It's ill. But Jazz is just like Hip-Hop if you really think about it, are a head, and actually read about it. Jazz was a revolution...Just like Hip-Hop is a revolution. Jazz, too, fell apart...Just like Hip-Hop did. Jazz changed, in the result of that, and so did Hip-Hop. You see the resemblance? This is no way a diss or disrespect to Hip-Hop, but there are some things that I just don't feel fit in and right. Those types of shit either corrupted and/or abused Hip-Hop to a point where Hip-Hop is sinking and drowning. But see, it's not really dead--go ahead if you cats believe that--but it's changing. But if you're going to change the game...MAKE SURE YOU DO IT RIGHT. This is for people that WANT REAL SHIT TO EAT, SLEEP, AND CRAP ABOUT. Not that cheap, fake, imitiation shit with preservatives. Bleh. Man, I don't know how many feel about this...but feedback would be appreciated. If you are mad as I am...then PLEASE respond, if you care about this...and my blog. Tell me what you think...what you feel.

Hip-Hop is changing. With other's changing more. Question is: will music change, even so much so, that will it run out, die, evolve, and still likable to a point where it's NOT even music anymore? What will be the state of it? What's the future?

Another thing hit me...What's the music scene like these days, and back then, in your area? If you've moved, say, out of state to another, what was or is it like back there compared to where you currently live? (D. inspired me to type up this thought. Thanks! I'll get at you soon, girl...)


Know your roots. Don't kill Hip-Hop and for the love of

Peace to you and yours...


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  1. I'm sorry. OCHESTRATED!?!?!?!? That's madness. ITS HIP-HOP!!!! Who did this?!?

    Hey b :D you asked me to give you my take on this, so here it is (however short or long it may be).

    Of course, I agree with the whole thing about Hip-hop evolving, because everything else around us is, too. If the music scene, or Hip-hop imparticular just stood still, it wouldn't be right, I guess.

    I'm glad I gave you inspiration to put this up there. I can tell you, that depending on where you live, the music scene IS different. London's scene is kinda Hip-hop, albeit mainstream, and rap, and a splash of R'n'B, but, come down onto the South coast (and, bear in mind, it is only 65 miles distance)and you come up with Opera, and Pop, and classical, and small amounts of everything else. You can buy it, obviously, (I think I'd DIE if you couldn't)but they have a specialist shop for all the opera. SAD. That's what I say.

    And I don't want to know my roots. Italian music? No thank you. Country music? No thanks. But. I'm too far into music to kill it. Its a way of life.

    Peace and love,

    Deanna xxx