Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Days, No More Waiting.

She's here. She's back. She's much better now...Just resting here...

We just got back from the hospital and it took awhile for us to pick her up because her doctor that she was supposed to see in the hospital was busy and didn't get to her in time. So my dad and I waited until around 1PM in the afternoon for my mom's call. ANYWAYS...the worst has gone...and the good is back again...I'm happy =)

Mom's doing much, much better now. She looks just like herself--healthy, normal, and just resting up, basically. We missed her...

There's so many to thank...and this thank you is to EVERYONE that had us in there thoughts and prayed for my mom and family. Thanks, peoples...

I'm happy.



  1. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you, B. And okay, if I'm waay off... A 3-4? I don't know. Its hard to judge. But now, because your mum is home, I'm going to guess a 1. Oh, I never said before, that chart is so cute! They actually use that? I feel that we should have these in UK!

    I'm so happy she's back :)

    Peace, love, and great beats, Deanna xxx

  2. Yay! Thank God! I'm happy for you guys, and I hope she feels back to normal soon.