Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr. Strange

No, not the Marvel character. I'm talking about something else. In terms of the universe, in general. See, last night I was watching this program on History Channel--yeah, call me a nerd--called The Universe, which, by the way, I find very interesting and fun to watch--I'm into that sorta stuff--anyways, towards the end of the program they gave their own opinions as to which is the most strangest thing in the entire universe. Sure, their can be a lot, such as our own planet, stars, galaxies, black holes, quarks, etc., etc. But one answer got me thinking...and it was us. Humans. Whether you disagree with me or not and feel that there are other things much more bizarre, then go right ahead and think that. I ain't gonna front...But hey, if you really get to think about's true. There's still so many things that we don't know about ourselves...let alone other things that we our currently discovering and researching...and, well, things that are still unknown to us. But it's us humans that are strange. It's the whole 'who', 'what', 'how', 'where', 'when', and the 'why' we seem to ignore to ourselves. Every single day we don't get to think about things like this, like us. We're very unique as a species. We're also very least, we think we are...Could there be other life forms beyond this planet and out to the universe and other planets...? To answer that, well, I'm not really sure...but it's pretty cool just to think and imagine about it. See, where do we stand...? Where do we stand in this Blue Marble we call our planet Earth, home...? We are a strange species...And it's still yet to be known, to be researched, observed, and discovered that we humans are more than just humans...It's just a matter of if/when will we be able to finally realize ourselves...

I also find it interesting and strange that our home planet, Earth, is so lively. It's sustains life...So far, we think it's the only planet that can sustain life for any organism. Now, we're looking beyond our own planet and discovering others...for sustainable life, such as, water, plants, and maybe a brand new, unknown species...Maybe humans much more complex than us...

What's your take?


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