Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take On Music

I remember not too long ago reading a blog entry that posted up a free download to K-Salaam & Beatnick's remix of Michael Jackson's "Never Can Say Goodbye"...and in the entry it read something about how music addicts, like us, just keep on getting spoiled these days...and how she can't even keep up with all the dope music that's exploding in cyberspace for free.1

I also was just reading issue 31 of Waxpoetics on the re:Discovery section, and in it, it read, " a half-joking manner, that if you spend enough time hunting records, the chase gets reversed, and the records start finding you."2

You're asking what this is all about. Well, you fact, both are true, as I came to think of it. So, I decided to write about my take on music on my blog that almostnoonereads (Shouts to those who do, though...and the comments) and how music effects around me... we all love music, right? Makes us feel good, music that makes us dance, sing, etc., etc...right? Right. Yours truly does, too. But, I just don't conform to other peoples tastes of music these days...ESPECIALLY these days, ugh. I'm sorry...but a lot of music these days are just so WACK that it hurts my body. What doesn't sound dope to my ears, doesn't feel right to my body. Gyeah...What the hell are we listening to these days? What are we all getting used to? Funny...I remember my home girl April told me today that when she was babysitting the boys, that AJ just randomly blurted out...WHAT HAPPEND TO HIP-HOP!? I automatically reacted to that. It's true! What DID happend to Hip-Hop, let alone music alone...? Don't get me wrong, or angry, but I do like a lot of the music that's around these days...and I respect it...but what I'm talking about is that, well, there are kinds of music that just gets me so annoyed. Ya' feel? Like beats that just hurt your damn ears and have no rhythm or melody...whatsoever! Sometimes confusing as shit! Or lyrics that just don't make no fucking sense, son! (SOMEONE SAY WORD.) But, I cannot...will not...(and neither should ya'll) say that I wish music never existed. Though there are a lot of bullshit music that's out there, that doesn't mean I'm hating on it, but rather showing respect to the religion of music altogether. I'm just hating on what's tied around the music today and what's in it...all the negative shit and what future artists have to struggle with and go through (the whole music industry bullshit). You know, I thought music was supposed to make you feel damn good! Well, what happend to it now...?

Let's back-up to the beginning of this blog entry to those two statements. I just want to briefly reflect on those...

Yeah...! I have to agree there is TOO MANY DAMN MUSIC THAT'S OUT THERE FLOATING AROUND FOR FREE...and those that are being sold. Even yours avid record collector/conessuire, can't even keep up with! No matter how many times I dig, I know there's something new out. No matter how many times I step out to dig, I know there's something new out. I wish I could just hunt it down and grab it! I hate that. However, I do enjoy a good dig, whether they come out good or bad. A bad dig for me is always good. Speaking of digging...why do I dig for such gems? It's a personal reason and I don't mind if I share this to you. You see, I go outside the box, the whole realm of music, looking out, looking in, and what's in between...finding more meaning and lost art in records. To me, I believe you have to respect the whole art of digging...Shit, this ain't your regular CD shopping at your local Target or some other known stores out there...Rather, this is more of an art of the meaning of music, a personal meaning of music. Not just a Rather, I take it seriously...The knowledge of music and digging. What I like about digging is that there are just tons and TONS of records out there just waiting for someone to chop, sample...whatever...Or, for a true enthusiast, purely to collect, to listen, and relfect on the music...letting the artist have a conversation to the listener. Something rare is something to behold. Something that's shitty-bad is something stupidly sick! See, record digging is an art...Discipline, knowledge, and patience is the key. I can say enjoyment is a key, too. You have to enjoy any piece of wax out times, that doesn't imply. I also feel that when I dig...the souls of those lost records, the artist(s) who made those records...they speak to me. Go ahead, laugh it up, but there's just so many records out there lost...waiting to exhale and be known. What's sad is that many artists who created albums to sell to the public don't even see the light of day...and they're lost forever. Even to this day! I'm talking about much older records that go back decades ago! Thanks to record diggers/collectors, there is a movement going on and vinyl has come back...a revival...

And spending enough time digging does get you into trouble when the record finds you. This is another reason why I enjoy digging. You get that "expect the unexpected" kinda thing going on and if you're looking for a particular piece of wax...even for a long ass time, it'll just haunt'll chase you in your'll bug the shit out of you. Too many records I can attest to this, so I'm not gonna touch on what those records are...but digging altogether is such a big rush. I LOVE IT! I can't I won't stop...

Love the music that's dope...hate the music that's wack...but respect all-in-one, ya'll...Music is a culture, music is IN our culture. It's a's's's LIFE...Respect.

Diggers keep diggin'...

One love, peace.


Cred to:
1 Ravinder Binning
2 Lichiban

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