Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inverse - So True EP

I just recently heard about these guys just browsing around blogs...and I happend to stumble upon them. They're both MC's and--I think--producers and after watching their video clips and listening/downloading the "So True" joint, I was hoping they'd come out with somethin' soon. And now...they have. This has been out for a few weeks already. I kept forgetting to post this up, but here it is now. Grabbed this at the Inverse blog...and you should, too! FREE, I might add. Click the album cover for the download/track listing.

***Alternate link (just in case the other doesn't work...)


  1. yo bt...you wouldn't believe it...i got exclusive exclusive tracks from this new upcoming artist. you probably heard of him..he goes by the name of J-S3NS3...here are two tracks by him. check it out bro...you know you know....let me know what ya think bro. and dude INVERSE is DOPE fo'sho...Rise and Shine...frikin AwEsOmE!!!

  2. Thanks, bro! Those are two bomb tracks, man. The DrivingMorningSun track sounds like that one track you made awhile back ago...Driving Heaven...something...? Sounds dope. Definitely some driving music. That's like a club join right there, haha. And that Flying Dilla joint...man...that's some spoken-word-type track right there. It's like the spirit of Dilla is in that track...One of my faves that you made, son.