Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Passion Fruits, Flava'

No, not really what you think...More like, hmm...the emotional feeling, I should say...

"The passion isn't there. It's like the passion isn't there anymore...It's like we're drifting apart..."

We all have that feeling of passion(s). Right? Right. I have my share of my own personal passions...and one special someone. Thing is, I can't--you know who you are, right? Anyways, my point long can you keep that passion going? How can you get it back if it starts to fade and die? Are you able to keep it up if it starts to get on the low-low? Begin. Not all the time one person can solve it...It takes two to win sometimes...if not, well, all the time. A renaissance. Rekindling. I suppose this not only goes for relationships...I guess you can put this into your own personal passions, it just depends.

Times are tough. Even tougher these days. Where's the passion that you see around you now? Where's the passion that you see and have with your own selves to others? It's not as perfect anymore...Nothing can't be perfect. But I guess that's a good thing, right? Not having to be, or things, that are perfect? Right. 'Cause you see...Damn. If everything would be perfect, it'd be so freakin' boring. No lessons would be knowledge mistakes learned...and so forth...

See, passion, and all things surround it, it can't always be perfect...or right...or even wrong. It is what it long as you know how to do things right. Because that shit matters. Life, us...things in, out, and around us...matter. Fuck the rest...


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