Monday, January 19, 2009

The MISS-Aromas Of An AXE Murdera

Okay, so it's been awhile since I wrote something expressive and productive and, well...something worth reading to get your eyes and brains here on my blog and leaving comments, right? Right. Promise I'll be writing more, don't worry. Funny how people just comment more on my blog on certain entries and not my expressive writing--less comments with those. BOOO. It's okay...I ain't's just how many of you peeps out there actually read my blog? How many of you out there care? ANYBODY...? *Tap, tap, tap, tap...*

Anyways, I'll move on...

You know, there are certain things that just annoy the heck out of me...Like REALLY ANNOY ME. Shit that I think is so pointless and stupid that I keep asking myself...WHY!? WHY DID HE/SHE/THEY DO THIS!? IS THAT REALLY NECCESSARY!? WHERE OR WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OUT OF THAT!?...Of which I'll write about. What is it you may ask? Well...AXE. Naaah...not like the tool axe...but AXE Body Spray (bleh). Yes...AXE, damnit. I really hate that stuff. That shit is STRONG...and it doesn't really smell that great...The scent sucks. Do girls actually fall for guys who use that crap...!? Like, they? Do those commercials actually say what they mean? What do girls think about guys using AXE? I wonder...Anyways, this doesn't cut it for's definitely not me and not for me. I'm more of a classy-cologne-type-of-guy, such as Curve, CK One....just any cologne that doesn't have a really strong, headachey, scent...and not an old-man-musk scent/aroma, ugh. A cologne that's pleasant, soft, non-irritating, and lasting...I think that's more like it for the girls out there...Don't you girls agree? Really...using AXE is like saying, "I didn't really take a shower..." (Guys, I hope you do...If you don't, get away from me, stinky...) AXE is the poor man's cologne, I'd say...It's like desperate cologne for dudes...And teens, nonetheless. How can you stand this stuff? You AXE users out there readin' this (I'll say no names...I think you know who you are...I know who you are...) *shakes head in shame...*

Another thing is those damn AXE commercials. Remember when I asked if those commercials actually say what they mean? Like, when you spray it on you...does it get you girls instantly? Will girls fall for that stuff? If any girls out there reading this, please do answer. Have you experienced guys like that? Vice-versa to guys...ya'll can answer, too. What's this "AXE Effect"? Pssh...I don't want NO EFFECT for me. AXE can suck it. *Sigh*...Ah, advertising and commercials...That's propaganda 101, folks. "Proper-propaganda", FORGET IT. I don't know...I don't think that crap works. How can any dudes spray that on themselves and expect them to smell good? Let alone get girls? This whole entry is not me complaining at's WHY MAKE SUCH A PRODUCT THAT (maybe) DOESN'T WORK? (MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY....MOONEEYYYY!) You know, I'll stick to the more classy cologne, thank you very much.

It's like those Fruit Roll-Up commercials...Remember those? It's like, "WHAT WILL THEY ROLL OUT WITH NEXT?" SPEAKING OF WHICH...I remember watching some morning show on the tube and they were talking about Burger King (yes, that's correct) coming out with...their own COLOGNE. Really! I bet that's better than AXE...Or maybe not. I'm starting to have second thoughts on that one...Maybe FLAME-BROILED BEEF SCENTED? Eh, who knows...Ha! Have it your way right? Yeah, you know, I'll definitely stick to my own types of cologne, that's for sure. Girls or no's the beauty in us that counts...Having a certain scent helps...right girls?

If I had to, I'd take FEBREEZE anytime than AXE. I'd spray FEBREEZE on least that smells a heck of alot better than AXE, doesn't it? Ah, Fresh Linen scent...Yeah, that'll get girls...

Okay, I left it open for anyone to discuss...Any takers on this one...?



  1. oH yeah!!!!

    woo hoo hahahaha

    gud job kuya BT [ got sexy girls B) ]

    AXE it's suck lyk a tae ewww

    tht's 4 mexican ppl used AXE when they go to gym inside the skool, smell wtf so strong yo!! illegal shit (lamigra) w/ walang papel!!

    oop just messed haha!

    oh anyways kuya what's the new about cologne
    idk what's new is?

    well i know you still used curve or idk what do you use. lol

    aiite peace

    B-Boy J-S!d3z 92

  2. Those girls are supposed to make my point, RJ.