Monday, August 31, 2009


Did a post on Q-Tip awhile back ago, and if you knew that already you should know. FINALLY Kamaal The Abstract will see the light of day on September 15 on Battery. This is actually Tip's third studio solo LP next to '99's Amplified and '08's Renaissance--let's not forget, we can also count 2004's unreleased Q-Tip LP Open, as well. The album was recorded around 2001 and was set to be released by Arista Records on April 23, 2002, but was shelved because the record label deemed the album to be too uncommercial (really!??) according to Wikipedia. But forget that, it's finally going to be here and I'm definitely gonna add that to my collection. The album will also feature 2 bonus tracks to the LP that were not on the original. At least that's what I've read. Now, if only we can have Open an opportunity...

2.Do U Dig U?
3.A Million Times
4.Blue Girl
5.Barely in Love
9.Even If It Is So
10.Damn You’re Cool [bonus track]
11.Make it Work [bonus track]


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Slip

Sorta' reminds me of my Summer vacation when I was runt. Happy Slip always comes through with these hilarious videos because, hey, if you're Filipino and you're crackin' up to these's because you know it's true.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Major Sleepage

Morning folks! It's another weekend warrior for me, and I'm sure you guys out there, too. Anyways, to get right to it...I've been sleepin' for awhile on FELT--nope, I'm not talking about that material--but the group, the duo consisting of Slug (Atmosphere) and Murs (Living Legends). Whenever I'm out digging I'd come across both Felt albums, FELT: A Tribute To Christina Ricci (accompanied by The Grouch) and FELT 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet (accompanied by Ant). I'd look at 'em, check the tracks, and maybe preview them, but for some reason I would never get a chance to buy both LP's. I guess the reason why was that before I honestly wasn't really feeling both albums at the time and I'd put it off until I'd feel like I want it...but never got to it. Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (accompanied by Aesop Rock) is due November 17th on Rhymesayers Entertainment. I'm getting my hands on all 3 since, now, I'm feelin' both albums. Below is an official single (I think) off their new LP, titled "Protagonists". Have a good one.

Download FREE: FELT - Protagonists off the new FELT 3 LP, courtesy of

Friday, August 28, 2009

Late Pass: Blue Scholars

I've heard of these guys and since about 2006-'07 with their second, full-length LP Bayani--which is somewhere in my collection of records, buried--and it wasn't until this year they dropped their Oof! EP (an ode to Hawaii, if you will) that I started to like them once again. The duo consists of DJ Sabzi and the lone MC Geologic. Two completely different persons from 2 completely different countries. One Iranian (Sabzi) and the other Filipino (Geologic). Upon listening to the new EP, I was just blown away by the production and lyrics from this dynamic duo straight out of Seattle. Since this is a late pass, I think I'll go back and listen to Bayani, upload the CD to my iPod, and get the other albums and EP's they dropped. Definitely something to look forward to in the future for these cats in Hip-Hop... Some ill talent from the Pacific Northwest. Shouts!

Oof! now available on iTunes

Redux with 3 bonus tracks: 2 from digital EP's, 1 new track. Out September 1st.

Back To The Archives - One For Sunny

R.I.P. even though you growled and didn't like me much when I came through.


Raekwon Rooftop Concert

Word up. OB4CL2 September 8th.

RAEKWON - ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX 2 PROMO CONCERT from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back Again

Here's two new albums coming out soon via Talib Kweli's site from Twitter. And finally, a brand new Reflection Eternal album. =)

The new single "Back Again" off Revolutions Per Minute available now on iTunes

Talib Kweli + Hi Tek-Reflection Eternal -Back Again-Vid Premiere

Plus, it's coming. On October 13th new Dilla album. Dillanthology 3: Dilla's Productions. The album features unheard and remastered tracks by Dilla. Below is the track list.

1. J Dilla- WorkinOnIt
2. Jay Dee- Pause
3. Jaylib- Raw Shit
4. J Dilla- Nothing Like This
5. J Dilla- Anti-American Graffiti
6. J Dilla- Glamour Sho75 (09)
7. J Dilla- Won't Do
8. J Dilla- Baby feat. Madlib & Guilty Simpson
9. Jaylib- The Red
10. Jay Dee- It's Like That
11. Jay Dee- Off Ya Chest
12. J Dilla- Crushin' (Yeeeaah!)
13. J Dilla- Reality Check feat. Black Thought
14. Jay Dee- Featuring Phat Kat
15. J Dilla- So Far To Go feat. Common & D'Angelo

25 For 25

Soon come, my birthday in less than 2 months. With that said I was sitting down just reading, writing, doing work for my Q.L. (Quantitative Literacy) class and at the same time listening to my iPod vibin' out with Be and it's when the introduction on the album--there's another version of that by the way for the folks who don't know that--the first track on album, just hit me and thought..."You know, what if I made a mix compilation of songs that relate/reflect/fit my life letting the music tell who I am to others?" I guess it was the lyrics or beat that drove me to do this, but hey, whatever it was I'm considering doing it just in time for my birthday on 10/10.

What will it consist of, you might ask...? Well, obviously I'm thinking of tracks that reflect me. Kinda' like a 'Soundtracks Of My Life' thing. In fact, that's what it's going to be titled. Well, not exactly that title...I just think that title is kinda' cheesy. So, I decided that I'll call it Soundtracks In B.Major. Gyeah. Anyways, the number of tracks will consist of 25 (hint, hint) tracks that I'll choose; all tracks will be Hip-Hop with maybe a hint of Jazz--not that bullshit Hip-Hop/Rap/mainstream type of ish--and basically my main focus or concept I'm trying to get at is getting others who know me or don't know me, having a sense to know me more, not just me, personally, by feelings, thoughts, emotions...verbally, but through music. Specifically, the type of music I listen to that also reflect me, personally. So it's not myself telling others about me...I want the music to talk to you, about Me. Gain understanding and my everyday life about me. I want the music to tell you who I am and how my life is run. I want others to form their own thoughts and ideas about who I am without judging. An assumption of Brian. I just thought that was interesting. I mean, this isn't some big ass project I'm's more like a self-reflection, of Self, to others. And what way to express it through music than on written form, right? I think it'll be fun and interesting.

When it's going to drop? Haven't even given a thought about it. I'm shooting for some time in October...Maybe the week of my birthday... I guess the toughest part (maybe) is picking the songs. The right songs because, heck, there's TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM! There's just so many songs that I love and that are my favorite that I just have to pick and choose/deduct; pick out certain albums, etc.! But to be in focus, the important songs that are of Me. Oh, by the way...this will be a limited production run of only and ONLY 25 copies handed out to just my friends out there, which I'll hope that they'll also share to others and pass it along and say, "Hey, this is Brian. Give it a listen." Yes, if you guessed it will be in CD format with a case, sleeve, and everything. I guess I can call this small project a small novel in music form reflecting Me, not really in a nutshell, but in a broader sense. That's what I'll hope to gain from this.

See you when it's done.



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Qberts

To end this day I thought I'd post up a couple videos I came across from Freddie Joachim's blog, then straight to YouTube surfin' videos...about THESE runts. I swear, I'd take these kids anytime if they battled other DJ's out there. Scratch DJ's will be put to shame. Well, almost any DJ. Qbert? Hmmm...that's a tough one... Anyways...Wow-zers.


Reliving, Relistening

Happy 5 Years : 8/24/04-8/24/09 : Classic

House Of Cards Ft. Muhsinah (Brand New Video)

Here it is folks. The second third of four (and possibly more) music videos from The Foreign Exchange off there latest effort Leave It All Behind. This time, the video is "House Of Cards". And it's also the 5 year birthday/anniversary of the now classic Connected LP. Look out for Connected related material on Nicolay's site...You'll get some tasty treats while you're there.

The Foreign Exchange feat. Muhsinah - "House Of Cards".


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mo' Money, Mo' Debt

As of today, the U.S. national debt is in an overly all-time high of about $11,733, 589,000...and counting...

Obama and The Deficit - Forecasting For Double-Trouble

*Sources - and Yahoo!News

120Giggabyte Slimmer

In keeping with the whole video thing and video games, here's another post on the NEW, slimmer PS3 due out on September 1st.'s cheaper. $299 to be exact. Well, I don't know, for me...not sure yet if I'll shell out the $300 (plus tax) for this revamped PS3...Still a little pricey for me, but I'm sure it won't phase me much when I actually DO get one. Ugh...I'm drooling over some GT right now. I guess that's my only reason why I would want one...SO BADLY. I'll get there. Now here's the vid to tell you all. Oh, what I read somewhere on those YouTube isn't backwards compatible. Simply meaning, you can't play PS2 games. Oh well, doesn't really suck for me...I'm still keeping my PS2 Slim that I got from my Mama a few years ago for my birthday. And for you out there...well, you shoulda' thought about not ditchin' it. 120Giggabyte monster here I come! Whenever I'll get you...

b. That's "Gigga" with a 'J'.

Let's Go!

For me, I'm a HUGE fan of both the Gran Turismo series and Forza Motorsport series. Honestly, I like them both. I cannot pick one or the other or someone to tell me which do you think is best or, "PSSH! GT is WAY better!" No. I like them both. So shut up. And I want my hands on this baby with the new GT game. Gyeah. also get my hands on a PS3 with Prologue. *sigh* Guess I'll wait for that...Oh well, Forza 3 would have to suffice for now. Double gyeah. =)


Did You Know? I Bet You Don't.

Who said Mathematics class was just all serious business? Apparently not our class. Well, at least for today that is. Today was the official start and first day of my Quantitative Literacy class and I gotta tell you, it wasn't half-bad at all. However, it IS definitely different than the other Math courses and requires more logic, thinking...and yes, a little more reading. Hence the literacy part. Anyways, our instructor did the usual things on the first day of class, like all teachers do, but I was really intrigued, interested, and compelled when she showed us this YouTube vid. I thought this was a really good way to start off the first day of class, even in its relation to our Quantitative Literacy course.


Monday, August 24, 2009

New Track

I finally got the new Second Nature track in my inbox a few days ago. Sorry folks for not being on here for a few days...Just didn't feel like going on here. But anyways, I'm back with a new track from our group titled "Hero". Of course it's FREE to listen and download. I'll have the full track commentary in which this track was created soon...Or when I feel like going back here again, which is on and off lately. But I promise to give you the info, eventually. Stay tuned. And stay tuned for more on Second Nature. By the way, If you haven't picked up The First 4 EP on the previous post below, do so. We'd like the support and appreciation. Again, we thank you for listening...and a HUGE shout-out to our closest fans out there. You guys know who you are.

Second Nature - Hero


Friday, August 21, 2009

The First 4 EP

Today was just practically chill day...again. Feelin' a little lazy. Sorta. So I thought about compiling the songs that we did--4 of them--into one file and sending it as a download for FREE to anyone and for everyone who hasn't gotten a chance to download and listen to the tracks earlier when I put them out separately in this here blog. So...I thought why not bring them back...Into 1? Here it is for your enjoyment. Also included is a litte text document that has just a bit of info of Second Nature. If you've missed out on the track commentary and thaaangs...well, just browse through my blog and the posts for more "behind-the-recordings" of our group.

Just for the record, the other reason why I did this was because we've been taking a little time with our recording process...and well, taking long, to be honest, but that's good, at least to us...I just had to put out something for the people out there and you have it, folks. Basically speaking, I just couldn't wait anymore for that other EP to come out, so I'll make this as like a "promo only" EP.

Second Nature - The First 4 EP 2009

***Oh, I suggest you grab the WinRar program to extract the files. I've compressed them into a .rar file for easier uploading/organizing/downloading. And of course, the program is FREE and does not really take a lot of hard drive space.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back To The Archives (Part 3) - Can't Stop Us Now

Back with more photos from the archive with more family fun with the cousins...and more...

Trick or Treating at Lincolnwood - I was all for the Power Rangers, man...

...And so it starts...

At the old apartment in Chicago - Cousins slept over

Gyeah. Classic shot. For some reason, I like it.

Better off with just the original fam. It was much better that way.'s grown insanely with a bunch of runts...


Classic And Original

I've written something about Bruce Lee before here on my blog, but I thought this was proper to share to everyone living this life we live...I'm gonna let these videos explain it for themselves. Can't explain how I feel and think after watching this interview many times around. This is one for the books for me. Clearly my favorite interview of all time. The following videos are taken from The Pierre Berton Show on December 1971. A classic interview with Bruce Lee. I think you'll dig this one...


Calvin Harris: Humanthesizer

Spotted this yesterday on a site--I forgot what it was--but I didn't bother to post it up...Don't know why I didn't. I thought it was interesting. Until now. This is practically everywhere now on the 'Net, even on Yahoo. Check out the vid...

The Haps Of August

Let me get this outta the way before I get beat on...I mean, there's TOO DAMN many of you out there...

Just saying this to everyone out there that I might know, HAPPY BORNDAY...belated or otherwise. Thank you.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anticipation, Anticipation...

There's some new music droppin' real soon that I just can't wait to get my hands on and thought I'd share this post with you guys out there...

- Wale Attention Deficit
- KiD CuDi Man on The Moon: The End of Day (check the track list and more by clicking cover below, via Okaplayer and 2db)

- Brother Ali Us (track below is the first official single off his new LP. Get back on Okayplayer for more and tour dates)

"Us touches on the strengths and flaws of the human condition, exploring drug abuse, divorce, homophobia and many more topics that most people are scared to touch in their own lives, much less on an album for the world to see." The production will be handled by Ant, with vocalists Chuck D, Freeway, Joell Ortiz and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition all contributing as well.

- Nicolay City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya (Get at Nic's site for more)

- The Roots How I Got Over

Rope-A-Dope Fresh

Dwele vibin' on a LIVE music video session for "Travelin' Girl" off his latest LP Sketches of a Man out now.

Never Again.

Never. Again.

'Nough said...


Monday, August 17, 2009

DMC Talks This Way

Spotted this on illroots (via which DMC gives a message to all those rappers who think they know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Word up.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Dig...

Back In Effect

On the grind once again.

It's been about 2 weeks since I've been absent on hiatus on this here blog of mine. Just had to get away from here for a bit and take a break from blogging and just enjoy the rest of the Summer before I head out again on my daily grind and get back to reality altogether real, REAL soon. Yup, it's actually winding down pretty fast...for me at least. The past 4 months have been slow, but I mean that in a good way...Heading towards late July through August, however, it seems like it's just about to blow by me and get back to life and things. *sigh* Oh least it hasn't been that bad for me this Summer...In fact, it's been a BLAST. Like, BLA-DOW! Even those 2 weeks that I've been gone, it's been filled with great eats, experiences, dope music, and let's not forget...great people. Many highlights these past 4 months...I'm holding on to those, for sure...


Monday, August 3, 2009

Brother Ali

I'm just saying this...THIS DUDE IS SICK. Get the title track below...Just click for a listen/free download via Okayplayer.

September 22nd on Rhymesayers. Save the date.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Post-Weekend Take Down

I'm FINALLY home after what seemed like a very long, but really dope weekend. I'm going to make this post short...I'm kind of lazy to type the details of the weekend.

Friday was awesome. Had a little camp out in the backyard of one of my friends--shouts to Jennie--great people, great food. Slept kinda well that night, despite the little chatter...but it was BOMB.

Saturday, too was ill. Helped out move stuff out of Sean and Pauline's pad to there new apartment in Chicago. After, went to downtown Evanston for dinner to Joy Yee's. Gyeah.

(Photo's up in a bit..)