Thursday, August 27, 2009

25 For 25

Soon come, my birthday in less than 2 months. With that said I was sitting down just reading, writing, doing work for my Q.L. (Quantitative Literacy) class and at the same time listening to my iPod vibin' out with Be and it's when the introduction on the album--there's another version of that by the way for the folks who don't know that--the first track on album, just hit me and thought..."You know, what if I made a mix compilation of songs that relate/reflect/fit my life letting the music tell who I am to others?" I guess it was the lyrics or beat that drove me to do this, but hey, whatever it was I'm considering doing it just in time for my birthday on 10/10.

What will it consist of, you might ask...? Well, obviously I'm thinking of tracks that reflect me. Kinda' like a 'Soundtracks Of My Life' thing. In fact, that's what it's going to be titled. Well, not exactly that title...I just think that title is kinda' cheesy. So, I decided that I'll call it Soundtracks In B.Major. Gyeah. Anyways, the number of tracks will consist of 25 (hint, hint) tracks that I'll choose; all tracks will be Hip-Hop with maybe a hint of Jazz--not that bullshit Hip-Hop/Rap/mainstream type of ish--and basically my main focus or concept I'm trying to get at is getting others who know me or don't know me, having a sense to know me more, not just me, personally, by feelings, thoughts, emotions...verbally, but through music. Specifically, the type of music I listen to that also reflect me, personally. So it's not myself telling others about me...I want the music to talk to you, about Me. Gain understanding and my everyday life about me. I want the music to tell you who I am and how my life is run. I want others to form their own thoughts and ideas about who I am without judging. An assumption of Brian. I just thought that was interesting. I mean, this isn't some big ass project I'm's more like a self-reflection, of Self, to others. And what way to express it through music than on written form, right? I think it'll be fun and interesting.

When it's going to drop? Haven't even given a thought about it. I'm shooting for some time in October...Maybe the week of my birthday... I guess the toughest part (maybe) is picking the songs. The right songs because, heck, there's TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM! There's just so many songs that I love and that are my favorite that I just have to pick and choose/deduct; pick out certain albums, etc.! But to be in focus, the important songs that are of Me. Oh, by the way...this will be a limited production run of only and ONLY 25 copies handed out to just my friends out there, which I'll hope that they'll also share to others and pass it along and say, "Hey, this is Brian. Give it a listen." Yes, if you guessed it will be in CD format with a case, sleeve, and everything. I guess I can call this small project a small novel in music form reflecting Me, not really in a nutshell, but in a broader sense. That's what I'll hope to gain from this.

See you when it's done.



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