Friday, August 28, 2009

Late Pass: Blue Scholars

I've heard of these guys and since about 2006-'07 with their second, full-length LP Bayani--which is somewhere in my collection of records, buried--and it wasn't until this year they dropped their Oof! EP (an ode to Hawaii, if you will) that I started to like them once again. The duo consists of DJ Sabzi and the lone MC Geologic. Two completely different persons from 2 completely different countries. One Iranian (Sabzi) and the other Filipino (Geologic). Upon listening to the new EP, I was just blown away by the production and lyrics from this dynamic duo straight out of Seattle. Since this is a late pass, I think I'll go back and listen to Bayani, upload the CD to my iPod, and get the other albums and EP's they dropped. Definitely something to look forward to in the future for these cats in Hip-Hop... Some ill talent from the Pacific Northwest. Shouts!

Oof! now available on iTunes

Redux with 3 bonus tracks: 2 from digital EP's, 1 new track. Out September 1st.

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