Friday, August 21, 2009

The First 4 EP

Today was just practically chill day...again. Feelin' a little lazy. Sorta. So I thought about compiling the songs that we did--4 of them--into one file and sending it as a download for FREE to anyone and for everyone who hasn't gotten a chance to download and listen to the tracks earlier when I put them out separately in this here blog. So...I thought why not bring them back...Into 1? Here it is for your enjoyment. Also included is a litte text document that has just a bit of info of Second Nature. If you've missed out on the track commentary and thaaangs...well, just browse through my blog and the posts for more "behind-the-recordings" of our group.

Just for the record, the other reason why I did this was because we've been taking a little time with our recording process...and well, taking long, to be honest, but that's good, at least to us...I just had to put out something for the people out there and you have it, folks. Basically speaking, I just couldn't wait anymore for that other EP to come out, so I'll make this as like a "promo only" EP.

Second Nature - The First 4 EP 2009

***Oh, I suggest you grab the WinRar program to extract the files. I've compressed them into a .rar file for easier uploading/organizing/downloading. And of course, the program is FREE and does not really take a lot of hard drive space.


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