Monday, August 31, 2009


Did a post on Q-Tip awhile back ago, and if you knew that already you should know. FINALLY Kamaal The Abstract will see the light of day on September 15 on Battery. This is actually Tip's third studio solo LP next to '99's Amplified and '08's Renaissance--let's not forget, we can also count 2004's unreleased Q-Tip LP Open, as well. The album was recorded around 2001 and was set to be released by Arista Records on April 23, 2002, but was shelved because the record label deemed the album to be too uncommercial (really!??) according to Wikipedia. But forget that, it's finally going to be here and I'm definitely gonna add that to my collection. The album will also feature 2 bonus tracks to the LP that were not on the original. At least that's what I've read. Now, if only we can have Open an opportunity...

2.Do U Dig U?
3.A Million Times
4.Blue Girl
5.Barely in Love
9.Even If It Is So
10.Damn You’re Cool [bonus track]
11.Make it Work [bonus track]


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