Saturday, March 28, 2009

These Are The Breaks

Thought I'd take a little 'Spring break' of my own here on my blog...I think I need it. Gotta catch up with all the other things surrounding me, and stuff that I still want to do. Gyeah. Sounds good...

...Last entry for the week folks...and I'll catch you in a week time...

(You can find me here...all day, baby...)

b. Get at me if you see me...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Who's Goin' To The Elite Eight? (Second Half)

(1) Louisville def. (12) Arizona >> L.'Ville advances v. (2) Michigan St.

(2) Michigan St. def. (3) Kansas >> (I'm surprised...) Michigan St. advances v. (1) Louisville; wanting Kansas to advance to Elite Eight

(1) North Carolina def. (4) Gonzaga >> Nor. Car. advances v. (2) Oklahoma

(2) Oklahoma def. (3) Syracuse >> Ok advances v. (1) North Carolina

More coming up...


MPC's & Artbreak

Kagan Mcleod's "History of Rap"

Cassettes & reels via Flickr

Who's Goin' To The Elite EIght? (First Half)

What's up, ya'll? So far, my predictions seem to be going well...except I lost Memphis...But after awhile, I was cheering on for I didn't really care any more. Anyways, last night's action was ill! Here's what my bracket looks like right now...

(1) Connecticut def. (5) Purdue

(3) Missouri def. (2) Memphis

Conn. v. Mizzo; advance to Elite Eight

(1) Pittsburgh def. (4) Xavier

(3) Villanova def. (2) Duke

Pitt v. Villa; advance to Elite Eight

I got more...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sound Waves

Sound Waves Tape

Sound Advice Project to help kids fight drugs...

Better Built Vol. 2

Told you I'd get it. Here's Better Built Vol. 2. Now I can chuck this into my new iPod...

And today is the first half of the Sweet Sixteen round. I have my predictions ready...Hopefully they turn out to be okay...And I hope I can catch a few games after class is over...

Okay, enough of download this, sucka'!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Man Once Said...

One For J. Her Ish...

Did my usual thangy-thang on the PC...You know, I check my mail, check Okayplayer, hop on my blog, check Stones Throw...and all the other sites. Oh, and today, got a new iPod. Finally! Needed a new one since forever now. It's gonna replace my 5 year old one...Yeah, that one. No color, just a white background/backlight, LCD screen...The classic, classic. Now, I have the new classic. Black, 30GB. So, I played with that for a bit...Added new songs and re-added old songs. So, anyways, I logged on to my E-mail and got this video from my friend Jennie; Shark whisperer kissing a shark...And then...umm, yeeeah...Just watch the video...

I wanna see you do this, Jennie...except not the whole youkissingtheshark,sharkbitingyou part...I don't dig that. There'd be no way I'd do that. Possibly...

Sweet Sixteen-Elite Eight Predictions

I'm back with my new predictions for the Elite Eight. It's getting closer and closer to the Final Four, I just hope my predictions can still hold up. Here they are:

Sweet Sixteen advancing to Elite Eight

(1) Louisville v. (12) Arizona >> L.'ville def. Arizona; L.'ville advances

(3) Kansas v. (2) Michigan St. >> Kansas def. Michigan St.; Kansas advances

To Elite Eight:
(1) Louisville v. (3) Kansas

Sweet Sixteen advancing to Elite Eight

(1) Pittsburgh v. (4) Xavier >> Pitt. def. Xavier; Pitt advances

(3) Villanova v. (2) Duke >> Villa def. Duke; Villa advances

To Elite Eight:
(1) Pittsburgh v. (3) Villanova

Sweet Sixteen advancing to Elite Eight

(1) Connecticut v. (5) Purdue >> Connec. def. Purdue; Connec. advances

(3) Missouri v. (2) Memphis >> Memphis def. Missouri; Memphis advances

To Elite Eight:
(1) Connecticut v. (2) Memphis

Sweet Sixteen advancing to Elite Eight

(1) North Carolina v. (4) Gonzaga >> Nor. Car. def. Gonz.; Nor. Car. advances

(3) Syracuse v. (2) Oklahoma >> Ok def. Syracuse; Ok advances

To Elite Eight:
(1) North Carolina v. (2) Oklahoma

More soon...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

D.I.T.C. Outasight, Kee & Zee, DOOM

I gotta triple-header for ya'll...In this segment: an album prequel presented by Mick Boogie & titled From There To Here: An Album Prequel, Keelay & Zaire's long-awaited LP Ridin High, and DOOM--dropped the MF--presents his new LP Born Like This.

This is a prequel to Outasight's album droppin' this summer called, "From Here To Eternity." I have it here for FREE. I've gotten this last week off there blog and so far, I'm diggin' it. This cat is really talented and I think he's one of many other new babies out there makin' it big in '09. Watch out for them dudes...

Below is the track list. Above, just click for the FREE ish!

I've been waiting for a long minute for these dudes to drop there LP. And finally, it's here! I just recently purchased the LP off iTunes--I couldn't wait any longer to get it on, a lot of 'em here don't have it. Which sucks...And I'm not waiting for it if I pre-order it. Anyways, if you haven't already...get this album! It's hot! Some fresh shit. Tracks I'm diggin' right now are Cali 2 NY, Alright With Me, The Times. I've been keepin' up with them on there blog and on other sites...Droppin' and leakin' off free joints, a mixtape, and an EP...Now, I have the album!

DOOM's new album (he dropped the MF for some reason...) Born Like This dropped today and this one I like. Very, very much. I've been a big fan of his since Madlib and DOOM dropped the Madvillainy LP...and he turned out to be one of my favorite emcee's in the game. His lyrics is dope...Grimey and shit...Check out his LP. I dig that Lightworks track--ya'll know the deal on that one. I also like Cellz, Gazillion Ear, Ballskin. In my opinion, this one will be one of my favorite DOOM LP's. Look for DOOM...heard he's got more on the way...Perhaps an actual--not remixed this time--Madvillainy 2 LP...!?!? Hmm...

E*TRADE Baby; Take These Broken Wings

I just get a crack outta these commercials. I was going to post these videos up the next day, but I decided why not now?

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Soloist

Last night after what seemed to be a long nap, I turned on the tube finding 60 Minutes was on...just after round two of the Tourney--which I mostly missed just about 3 games--and on the program, was a very talented, bright, and brilliant artist, a musician, no less, that's troubled by his own self. Struggling and dealing with his own personal demons inside. He has paranoid schizophrenia, and get this...he's also homeless. Living on the streets of L.A. Playing classical music around the streets and well, just playing music in general calms himself from his personal demans...It's what keeps him sane. I was really intrigued and really fascinated by this story/interview. I just had to let in and write about it on my blog.

Mr. Nathaniel Ayers

In his early years of his life, he was practically normal and living a very good life. With family and shelter on his side. He was smart and very talented. He played music...and later played instruments. Later on, he was accepted in one of the most prestigious music schools in the nation, The Juilliard School of Music. There, he was practically doing well, until he started to go downhill. He was failing at the School...and that's where he started acting up. It was his fight against himself. It brought down all the walls around him. Lost his family, his living, a house...But one thing that he hasn't lost, and I believe in any artist that knows, is music. I was really moved by this because here is a man...lost in his own self...but the only way finding himself back again is his passion, talent, and love of music. He carries around him a variety of instruments: violin, trumpet, and a cello. He schooled himself on how to play instruments and read music. Now homeless, though he may play music just for himself, but he tends to share his talent to his surroundings on the streets covering up his troubled self. People might not know that he's troubled...but he sure does. It's the only way to keep him sane. It's basically his only cure. He refused any and all medication...and they just didn't work at all for him. Music is his only medicine.

There was so much more in that program that you just had to watch it yourself. There's so much that I wanted to write about here, but I just thought I'd focuse and reflect upon his own life and the effect of his definition of music. I wanted to reflect his own point-of-view. His brilliant-troubled life...fighting this struggle with himself...His personal demons. I suggest you know about Mr. Ayers--as he's known--because it will make you think and reflect on others, even with people who are troubled. It'll give you a different view on things in this wonderful thing Look him up on Google...he's a cool cat. There's also a movie made based on him, called The Soloist. I might just check that out some time...



Here are some random photos I took with the peoples on Sunday. I was why not, right? Yes, that is eye-liner that I am wearing...and the rest.


Second Round-Sweet Sixteen Recap (Second Half)

Sunday, awesome. Had some photo-finishers with the peoples--more on that later. Though, I did watch...well, "watch" the second half of the second round of games today. I meant that I literally took a long ass nap...Pretty much missed most of the games, ha! I was really tired over the long weekend. I messed up my sleep pattern, so I had to recover. But, no worries. I think I did okay with Sunday's bracket predictions. Here they are:


(1) Louisville def. (9) Siena >> L'ville advances; v. (12) Arizona

(12) Arizona def. (13) Cleveland St. >> Arizona advances; v. (1) Louisville

(3) Kansas def. (11) Dayton >> Kansas advances; v. (2) Michigan St. Wanting (10) U.S.C. to advance

(2) Michigan St. def. (10) U.S.C. >> Michigan St. advances; v. (3) Kansas

(3) Missouri def. (6) Marquette >> Missouri advances; v. (2) Memphis

(1) Pittsburgh def. (8) Oklahoma St. >> Pitt. advances; v. (4) Xavier. Wanting (8) Ok. St. to advance

(4) Xavier def. (12) Wisconsin >> Xavier advances; v. (1) Pittsburgh

(3) Syracuse def. (6) Arizona St. >> Syracuse advances; v. (2) Oklahoma

More to come...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Study Guide. Out. Soon...

April 15, '09 - iTunes : July 1, '09 - U.S. Limited Edition CD's

Please support.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Second Round-Sweet Sixteen Recap (First Half)

I just got back from a long outting today, including me volunteering to give back today. I didn't get to catch all of the games...maybe just a few from today and on this night of action of the first half of the second round. So, without further ado, here are my bracket standings that were both predicted...and some that were a flop...

TEAMS PREDICTED (and not so predicted...):

(1) Connecticut def. (9) Texas A & M >> Conn. advances to sweet sixteen v. (5) Purdue

(5) Purdue def. (4) Washington >> Purdue advances to sweet sixteen v. (1) Conn.

(2) Memphis def. (10) Maryland >> Memphis advances to sweet sixteen v. winner of second round - (6) Marquette v. (3) Missouri

(3) Villanova def. (6) UCLA >> Villa advances to sweet sixteen v. (2) Duke

(2) Duke def. (7) Texas >> Duke advances to sweet sixteen v. (3) Villanova

(1) North Carolina def. (8) LSU >> U.N.C. advances to sweet sixteen, wanting LSU to advance, but U.N.C. v. (4) Gonzaga

(4) Gonzaga def. (12) Western Kentucky >> Gonz. advances to sweet sixteen v. (1) North Carolina

(2) Oklahoma def. (10) Michigan >> Oklahoma advances to sweet sixteen, wanting Michigan to advance, but Oklahoma v. winner of second round - (6) Arizona St. v. (3) Syracuse

So far, things seem to be going my way again...Some of the games I saw today were really intense and close! Can't wait for second half action of the second round...

More to come...


Second Round-Sweet Sixteen Revealed

I know I'm a little late with this...but real quick, here are my fantasy predictions from the second round advancing to the sweet sixteen:

(1) Connecticut def. (9) Texas A & M >> Connec. advancing to sweet sixteen* (Connec. wins 92-66; advances)

(5) Purdue def. (4) Washington >> Purdue advancing to sweet sixteen

(3) Missouri def. (6) Marquette >> Missouri advancing to sweet sixteen

(2) Memphis def. (10) Maryland >> Memphis advancing to sweet sixteen* (Memphis wins 89-70; advances)

(8) LSU def. (1) North Carolina >> LSU advancing to sweet sixteen

(4) Gonzaga def. (12) Western Kentucky >> Gonz. advancing to sweet sixteen

(2) Syracuse def. Arizona St. >> Syracuse advancing to sweet sixteen

(10) Michigan def. (2) Oklahoma >> Michigan advancing to sweet sixteen

(8) Oklahoma St. def. (1) Pittsburgh >> Ok. St. advancing to sweet sixteen

(4) Xavier def. (12) Wisconsin >> Xavier advancing to sweet sixteen

(3) Villanova def. (6) UCLA >> Villa advancing to sweet sixteen* (Villa wins 89-69; advances)

(2) Duke def. (7) Texas >> Duke advancing to sweet sixteen

(1) Louisville def. (9) Siena >> L. Ville advancing to sweet sixteen

(12) Arizona def. (13) Cleveland St. >> Arizona advancing to sweet sixteen

(3) Kansas def. (11) Dayton >> Kansas advancing to sweet sixteen

(10) Southern Calif. def. Michigan St. >> U.S.C. advancing to sweet sixteen

I'm crossing my fingers...Be back soon...


Friday, March 20, 2009

First & Second Round Recap (Second Half)

Quick sum up from the first half: 13 of my 16 teams went on, leaving the other 3 in a flop. Which meant that 5 out of my 8 sets of teams from the first round made it. 3 didn't. Not bad, right? I think so...

...Until today and this night of games that were in action. Second half of the first round wasn't on my side today. Honestly, I barely got to watch ANY games today. BARELY. Well, HARDLY, because I was out with a lot of my friends. Not that I blame them. I don't at all, so don't worry. So, I finally come home and on both the tube and the desktop and started checking the scores and checking my brackets, hoping to get some predicted wins down...How'd I fair...? Blah. Well, here it is:

Out of 16 teams I predicted for the second half of the first round advacining to the second round, 10 of the 16 advanced. Not quite what I had expected for this second half...But at least I tried.

With that said, above, if I put those into sets of teams, that means that 3 sets of the total 8 advanced. Bad. Bad predictions...But I ain't gonna bug out about it any longer...I just have to pick more carefully. Just glad I'm doing this fantasy for fun and not for money, ha!


(1) Louisville def. (16) Morehead St. >> L'ville advances to second round

(3) Kansas def. (14) North Dakota St. >> Kansas advances to second round

(2) Michigan St. def. (15) Robert Morris >> Mich. St. advances to second round

(6) Marquette def. (11) Utah St. >> Marquette advances to second round

(3) Missouri def. (14) Cornell >> Missouri advances to second round

(1) Pittsburgh def. (16) East Tenn. St. >> Pitt. advances to second round

(8) Oklahoma St. def. Tennessee >> Ok St. advances to second round

(4) Xavier def. (13) Portland St. >> Xavier advances to second round

(6) Arizona St. def. (11) Temple >> Az. St. advances to second round

(3) Syracuse def. (14) Steph. F. Austin >> Syracuse advances to second round


(6) Marquette v. (3) Missouri

(1) Pittsburgh v. (8) Oklahoma St.

(6) Arizona St. v. (3) Syracuse


(8) Ohio St. v. (9) Siena >> Siena advances; predicted Ohio St.

(5) Utah v. (12) Arizona >> Arizona advances; predicted Utah

(4) Wake Forest v. (13) Cleveland St. >> Cleveland St. advances; predicted W.F.

(6) West Virgina v. (11) Dayton >> Dayton advances; predicted W. Vir.

(7) Boston College v. (10) Southern California >> U.S.C. advances; predicted B.C.

(5) Florida St. v. (12) Wisconsin >> Wisc. advances; predicted Fl. St.

Let's see what the second round and sweet sixteen of the Tourney will bring...Hopefully I'll start to fair up a lot better this time to make up for those predictions that were missed...


First & Second Round Recap (First Half)

Yesterday's and last night's ball games really faired out for me...let alone that they were really good games to watch...except a few--more on that in a bit. Those games were fierce and tight in action! If you missed out on those ball looks to be pretty interesting so far for the first half of the first round in the Tourney.

So, with that being said, I kept up with all the games and completed my bracket standings, as of now. For now, here's what mine looks like and how I fair up:

So far, in the West, I have 4 out of the 6 teams that I predicted going on to the second round. The other two that didn't make it was Mississippi St. and California--I wanted those teams--but obviously, they didn't play well. To me, for a beginner, that isn't bad...but I wished those two teams played better...ugh...

(1) Connecticut v. (9) Texas A & M >> PREDICTED

(5) Purdue v. (4) Washington >> wanting Miss St. to advance to second round

(10) Maryland v. (2) Memphis >> wanting Cal to advance to second round

I predicted correctly that those 4 teams will make it to the second round. That UCLA/VCU game was close...Here's where I stand:

(6) UCLA v. (3) Villanova >> PREDICTED

(7) Texas v. (2) Duke >> PREDICTED

The only game that I didn't really get to catch on the tube was the North Carolina/Radford game...but I wasn't worried about it. I knew the Tar Heels would advance to the second round, but I did enjoy that Michigan/Clemson game--John and Cherry, I see you! What I didn't enjoy, and quite frankly, didn't expect to happen...was the Illini game against Western Kentucky...It was up and down for me...Close...but no cigar. I know the seeds don't matter, but a 12 seed beating a 5!? C'mon...I just hope Western Ky. doesn't beat a 4...*hint, hint*...So, 5 out of the 6 were predicted...leaving one, upset...

(1) North Carolina v. (8) LSU >> PREDICTED

(12) Western Kentucky v. (4) Gonzaga >> wanting Illini to advance to second round...but NoOOoo...

(10) Michigan v. (2) Oklahoma >> PREDICTED

Not bad for a beginner, eh? In total teams predicted, which was 16 in total, 13 of the 16 came out to be what I've predicted. Not. Bad. At. All. Though, I wish Illini would've made least to the second round, then I'll see who advances next. Eh. Can't wait for the second half action today...Let's see if I can still keep the ball rollin'...

More soon...


P.S. Jason, how'd you fair? What does your bracket look like?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Better Built Vol. 3...? + Mos Def

Real quick before I get back to the ball game and get my scores. Yesterday, I came across Profile's blog and he had posted up an "incomplete"--with no track listing, no less--Better Built Vol. 3. Know why? It just plays straight. I'll get Vol. 2 as soon as I get it. So look out for that. FREE download...You know the deal...

Next, I have some stuff from Mos Def. Last time, I mentioned that his new album, The Ecstatic, is droppin' sometime this year...Then it was pushed back...Now? Well, I hope there won't be anymore pushingbackthedate. Speaking of that, there is a tentative release date of June 9th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Below is the alleged album cover and a video promo for his new LP. Peep! Now, back to more basketball action...!

Mos Def - Words - The Ecstatic - in stores Spring 2009

Nights Alone (Promo Only)

I caught up with Freddie's site/blog and the Organology blog for this one...April 15th on iTunes, Freddie Joachim and Question are droppin' their instrumental LP release of Study Guide. The following is PROMOTIONAL ONLY. And NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE. But please, support this and other independent artists out there, and FREE is always good. So...HOP TO IT!

First & Second Round Revealed

It's time. It's finally here. The first round of the '09 NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately, I'm at campus waiting for class to start. So, yet again, I find myself at the L.R.C., on the computer, on Blogger...well, blogging away for today's entry, which happens to be this one you are reading. Anyways, I hope to catch the rest of today's ball games...especially the ones I mentioned on yesterdays post. Speaking of which, there's other games that I'm hoping to catch and be on the look out for--no, it isn't because I'm not sure about my predications made on my own bracket standings--it's just because I think it will be a real close, interesting game. That's my reason. So here are the others I'm hopin' to catch:

(2) Memphis v. (15) Cal St. North.
(6) Marquette v. (11) Utah St.
(1) Connecticut v. (16) Chattanooga (Fallon is on this one. But I don't know...)
(8) LSU v. (9) Butler

Okay, so here it is. I probably won't be safe with this one...But hey, at least give me credit for trying! Here's my picks for the first round going off to the second:

(1) Pittsburgh def. (16) East Tenn. St. >> making Pitt. off to the second round
(8) Oklahoma St. def. Tennessee >> making OK St. off to the second round

(5) Florida St. def. (12) Wisconsin >> making FL St. off to the second round
(4) Xavier def. (13) Portland St. >> making Xavier off to the second round

(6) UCLA def. (11) VCU >> making UCLA off to the second round
(3) Villanova def. (14) American >> making Villa off to the second round

(7) Texas def. (10) Minnesota >> making Tx off to the second round
(2) Duke def. (15) Binghampton >> making Duke off to the second round

(1) North Carolina def. (16) Radford >> making Nor. Car. off to the second round
(8) LSU def. (9) Butler >> making LUS off to the second round

(5) Illinois def. (12) Western Kentucky >> making Illini off to the second round
(4) Gonzaga def. (13) Akron >> making Gonz. off to the second round

(6) Arizona St. def. (11) Temple >> making Az St. off to the second round
(3) Syracuse def. (14) Steph. F. Austin >> making Syracuse off to the second round

(10) Michigan def. (7) Clemson >> making Michigan off to the second round
(2) Oklahoma def. (15) Morgan St. >> making Ok off to the second round

(1) Louisville def. (16) Morehead St. >> making L'ville off to the second round
(8) Ohio St. def. (9) Siena >> making Ohio St. off to the second round

(5) Utah def. (12) Arizona >> making Utah off to the second round
(4) Wake Forest def. (13) Cleveland St. >> making Wake off to the second round

(6) Western Virginia def. (11) Dayton >> making Western Virg. off to the second round
(3) Kansas def. (14) North Dakota St. >> making Kansas off to the second round

(7) Boston College def. Southern California >> making B.C. off to the second round
(2) Michigan St. def. (15) Robert Morris >> making Michigan St. off to the second round

(1) Connecticut def. (16) Chattanooga >> making Conn. off to the second round
(9) Texas A & M def. (8) BYU >> making Texas A & M off to the second round

(5) Purdue def. (12) UNI >> making Purdue off to the second round
(13) Mississippi St. def. (4) Washington >> making Miss. St. off to the second round

(6) Marquette def. (11) Utah St. >> making Marquette off to the second round
(3) Missouri def. (14) Cornell >> making Missouri off to the second round

(7) California def. (10) Maryland >> making California off to the second round
(2) Memphis def. (15) Cal. St. North. >> making Memphis off to the second round

Okay, before all the hatin' starts, let me just tell you that this is my very first fantasy bracket. This is strictly just for fun...because, well, I ain't gonna bet...I'm too cheap. C'mon, give a college dude a break! This is my first time...Hope things will work out...So, we'll see...

What's on your fantasy bracket?

More soon...


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Passion Fruits, Flava'

No, not really what you think...More like, hmm...the emotional feeling, I should say...

"The passion isn't there. It's like the passion isn't there anymore...It's like we're drifting apart..."

We all have that feeling of passion(s). Right? Right. I have my share of my own personal passions...and one special someone. Thing is, I can't--you know who you are, right? Anyways, my point long can you keep that passion going? How can you get it back if it starts to fade and die? Are you able to keep it up if it starts to get on the low-low? Begin. Not all the time one person can solve it...It takes two to win sometimes...if not, well, all the time. A renaissance. Rekindling. I suppose this not only goes for relationships...I guess you can put this into your own personal passions, it just depends.

Times are tough. Even tougher these days. Where's the passion that you see around you now? Where's the passion that you see and have with your own selves to others? It's not as perfect anymore...Nothing can't be perfect. But I guess that's a good thing, right? Not having to be, or things, that are perfect? Right. 'Cause you see...Damn. If everything would be perfect, it'd be so freakin' boring. No lessons would be knowledge mistakes learned...and so forth...

See, passion, and all things surround it, it can't always be perfect...or right...or even wrong. It is what it long as you know how to do things right. Because that shit matters. Life, us...things in, out, and around us...matter. Fuck the rest...


Fantasy Bracketology: First Round - Second Round

Gyeah. I'm on that March Madness tip...Much more than I was last year. Involved that is. So, I decided to print me up the '09 bracket and make my predictions. I haven't filled all of them out completely, just to the second round. So after the second round, I'll make my predictions for sweet sixteen and the elite eight and so forth. I can't wait for my predictions to weigh in positively. Hope my predictions are right...I took some time doing a little research and talking to other peoples on what they predict--mind you, I ain't bitin' anyone elses assured. These are my OWN predictions, only.

So the games that I really want to look out for for the first round going off to the second--reason? Honestly...I'm not sure if the teams I predicted will actually make it to the second; I'm confident that the Illini will win, however--(and watch, obviously) are:

(5) Illinois v. (12) Western Kentucky
(8) Oklahoma St. v. (9) Tennessee
(5) Utah v. (12) Arizona
(7) Boston College v. (10) Southern California
(4) Washington v. (13) Mississippi St.

5 seed Illinois...I'm lookin' at you. For a W...

More to come...

b. Tell me what your bracket fantasy is for '09...

Dr. Strange

No, not the Marvel character. I'm talking about something else. In terms of the universe, in general. See, last night I was watching this program on History Channel--yeah, call me a nerd--called The Universe, which, by the way, I find very interesting and fun to watch--I'm into that sorta stuff--anyways, towards the end of the program they gave their own opinions as to which is the most strangest thing in the entire universe. Sure, their can be a lot, such as our own planet, stars, galaxies, black holes, quarks, etc., etc. But one answer got me thinking...and it was us. Humans. Whether you disagree with me or not and feel that there are other things much more bizarre, then go right ahead and think that. I ain't gonna front...But hey, if you really get to think about's true. There's still so many things that we don't know about ourselves...let alone other things that we our currently discovering and researching...and, well, things that are still unknown to us. But it's us humans that are strange. It's the whole 'who', 'what', 'how', 'where', 'when', and the 'why' we seem to ignore to ourselves. Every single day we don't get to think about things like this, like us. We're very unique as a species. We're also very least, we think we are...Could there be other life forms beyond this planet and out to the universe and other planets...? To answer that, well, I'm not really sure...but it's pretty cool just to think and imagine about it. See, where do we stand...? Where do we stand in this Blue Marble we call our planet Earth, home...? We are a strange species...And it's still yet to be known, to be researched, observed, and discovered that we humans are more than just humans...It's just a matter of if/when will we be able to finally realize ourselves...

I also find it interesting and strange that our home planet, Earth, is so lively. It's sustains life...So far, we think it's the only planet that can sustain life for any organism. Now, we're looking beyond our own planet and discovering others...for sustainable life, such as, water, plants, and maybe a brand new, unknown species...Maybe humans much more complex than us...

What's your take?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brand New

Out June 2nd. Spotted at Illroots. Brand new Dilla album is on the way by way of Nature Sounds. It will be fully instrumental, put together by Pete Rock and Ma Dukes. Legit. Find out more...

March Madness Bracketology

Gyeah. It's that time once again every year, every March. Get your brackets ready--got mines. Don't worry, if you're looking for the NCAA Tournament brackets, I got 'em here and here...

Here's the viewable version. See the updated brackets LIVE.

Tuesday Slam

I hate Tuesdays...for some odd reason. But no worries, just got done watching the 11th episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featuring The Roots as the house band--just in case you guys didn't know that already--with Public Enemy performing Bring The Noise with The Legendary alongside with the Antibalas horns--and yes, I do have the video, right below...

Look out for them on the upcoming 2nd Annual Roots Picnic. More information can be found on Okayplayer. Event hosted by Okayplayer and Live Nation.

I also came across this from a couple of blogs yesterday. This is pretty crazy, yet, it made me smile. Dude named Kutiman puts together random video clips from YouTube and creates an incredible mix of songs. The squences and arrangements are mad crazy! Check out the video below and his website.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Still A Re-session...

Here's a video with me, John, and the others on the floor on that session tip. Please, restrain's not THAT great. But enjoy! Shouts to Jason on the digi-cam for this one.

Oh, by the way, this was the pre-Second Nature days...

Circa: February 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I Carry...

I just got back from what seemed--so far--to be a long weekend--shouts to peoples that held it down. Ashley, I see you girl. It's been great, but a great long weekend. And now...I'm seeing myself back here at home, behind the computer, blogging away--not that it's bad--but I feel like I'm carrying something...some extra baggage behind my back that I can't seem to shake off. Not sure what this feeling is...I'm not actually sure if it's good or's more like in the middle; Neutral seems like a better term...I don't even know if it's worse as a feeling of burden. Eh, I'm confusing myself. Maybe it's temporary...I HOPE it is. Nothing major...But fuck, I'm NOT letting that ruin the rest of my weekend, my day, and my night...Sleep easy, B. and hope for a better tomorrow. It's a whole new day...

I wonder why things are just what they are in life; Things happen for a reason...Do we determine what/how our fate is...or is it fate itself that determines it for us...?

b. Ashley =)


Here's a couple of mixtapes to get you through the weekend...and beyond...

It sure got me through the days...

Go ahead, download away and bump 'em everywhere you go...