Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teach The Children Well (Part 2)

Othello teachin' them well. I enjoyed watching this...Really touched me. It's that positive impact that reaches out to people big or small, young or old. My view is that there's little out there that Hip-Hop is doing. It's all B.S. There's a few that stand out...and Othello is one of those cats...Peep this...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Hatton (Street Fighter Version)

My friend John showed me this vid. Dope shit. Check this out...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Day It'll All Make Sense

Will I ever get my senses sewn together, all right and correct? Perhaps perfect? Will it ever happen in my life, let alone some type of dope relationship that I still would love to be in? Skeptical? Pessimistic? I wouldn't say so of myself...not really.

I can't shake Her out of me. No one knows how good She really is...I don't think She knows how much is meant from me. I really dig Her. I Love Her. Do you understand...? Whatever it is all about her, She just makes my senses feel so right and aligned. Where you at...? "But they don't know how good you are. You got me flowin' with the stars..." Tells me no...I go the other way. I refuse. Don't give an ish to what others think...I like You. I Love You. If there's no way in believing that in me, to you, and everything else in between...Okay. You're ill altogether, girl. Sorta' feel bad for not giving or making some kind of dope cause that other dudes might have done...But I'll be sure to be in check with that. I'll make it up to You. You know...I don't really ask alot out of You...Just askin' just to be with You. A moment in time or a moment in eternity...Don't matter, I just want to make memories...Word? Not really diggin' the feeling I've had lately. Feelin' a bit empty...and feeling like something's missing in me. I'm starting to dislike it...

My senses fail, at times fall...perhaps in the wrong hands as well. I ain't freakin' perfect, you fool! Poor decisions and judgements...lack to my senses, as to all people out there. Why is it that sometimes I MUST or FEEL or feel OBLIGATED to be right or correct...? I don't realize that a lot...Now I do. So ya'll tellin' me that I gotta be wrong...? Right and/or wrong...Let me be judge of that. Psh. Fuck it. I do me, you do you...Ain't takin' any shit from peeps like that. Leave me be with myself and...a Girl? Who? Yeah, you know...Shit, ever feel like at times you're waistin' your lifetime? Don't. Do something, STUPID. You feel, son? You know, this ain't a rant...or some type of "I HATE MYSELF!" sorta's just...I've been in rage for the past several months. I just had to..I gotta' back to being sane with myself. I'm just addressing what's been ailing me, myself, and I with what's bad in me and what I want from it or out of it; to get the positives from the bad. Why am I not getting ONE thing I want? I haven't gotten anything in life...or asked anything in my life in quite some time...And now you're sayin' I can't get one stankin' thing right now...? Maybe I'm too hard on myself, losing the patience, stubborn, and...or lack of being humble. Damn...what happend to me?

Yeah, so, I like Her. Nah, nah...I love Her. I dig that Girl over there, see? Does she know what she's done to me? Like REALLY understand that? She just feels so right...Yeah, but it's complicated. Just really...really into Her. I swear, Sweetheart is just like Hip-Hop. I STILL Love its essence is Real. I ain't on that other bullshit ya'll are diggin'. I vibe out with my Girl...which I'd like to. Say's she can dance...mmhmm. See, not tryna' make this all subliminal...I'm letting myself speak for itself. It's true. I really can't get over Her. It's a damn whirlwind of a rush. I wouldn't say obsessed, though. That shit is totally different. What I do feel is that She's that type...but not giving in. I tell Her, but no...But it's cool. I really do feel right for Her...Been through so many rough paths. I smile just thinking She'd like that. It's not enough for me...Just a little more...

Ya'll know I'm talkin' 'bout the VIBE. VIBRATIONS...Stakes is high, you know the stakes is high when you're dealin' with the...

The senses, ya'll, it's the senses...
One day...

b. where you at, Love?

The Foreign Exchange At Double Door, Chicago

Gyeah. Mmhmmm...The Foreign Exchange is coming to Chicago at the Double Door Sunday June 7, 2009--posted on Nicolay Music. So if you're down and wanna come with me, get at me...I definitely want to go! That's if you are 21 or older. Sorry...Got that at the Double Door site. Get at Nic's site for more information...

***Told you I'd do a re-post. Unfortunately, I don't think I can go anymore...Maybe there'll be changes...? Hoping...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing New Jack Hustle

Everytime I'm always in search for some new ish--music wise, to be exact. And every now-and-then I stumble upon new artists, whether it be on the 'Net or by mouth from other peeps, I usually take my own words or others words for it...And usually it goes pretty well; I'd have to hear it to believe the hype, too, if you dig that...

Anyways, one of these is New Jack Hustle...which is Newman (if you recall, from Giant Panda) & Shawn Jacskon. Spotted at Freddie's site/blog and at Okayplayer, this joint is pretty fresh. The track is called "Lionel" featuring Ohmega Watts. New Jack Hustle's album, Sound Check, is in stores now.

Anyone own most of these vinyls in the vid...? I'll get you something!

Beastie Roots On Fallon

Saw the show 2 nights ago and I just HAD to watch the show because of this...Peep.

The Beastie Boys new album Hot Sauce Committee drops in September...

If you dig all the nostalgia that is the Beastie Boys, check out this mixtape of quality Beastie material from DJ Reason titled The Hand Me Down Puma Mix.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freebass808 X Battalion Armour - Moonbass EP Mixfilm [Download]

This has been floating around Okayplayer lately, and I came around to check it out and I gotta say, this is pretty ill. 'Nough said. Just head over to Okayplayer to see what the fuss is all about. AND...enjoy the Moonbass EP Mixfilm and download the videos--including the audio tracks plus bonus tracks included.

Mark de Clive-Lowe

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mom's 51

I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom. I love you =)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Stevie Wonder

Happy birthday, sir.

Description Of A...

I'd describe her as a very social and open-minded individual who is not afraid to tell anyone what's in her mind. She's kind and pretty much gets along with anyone. Sometimes her personality can be complex and demanding...but you cannot look at it like any other person. When I mean complex and demanding, I mean that in a very good manner. It's like you have to look passed what you may think is bad...but rather she always means well, whether for good or for bad. She's more of an optimist rather than a pessimest. Her personality is unique and very much her personality, to me, is really mature for age. She may not know everything, but she knows a lot and her words and actions speak for themselves. Her personality is also that she is understanding, caring, loving, and respecting...let's not forget that she is also a very good listener and she tries to the best of her ability to help out. But I know that sometimes her personality can get to her and she may try to bottle it up inside her if something is troubling her. But she knows how to handle herself and she would always keep her head up. Speaking of that, I can really tell that she is a very strong woman and very honest to herself and others. Whether or not there may be complimentary hues with others, she still cares...but to a certain point. Her personality may also be that she can be strongly opinionated about certain topics or subjects and stands on-point and behind her opinions, but is really respecting, understanding, will be able to listen to others opinions. Another important thing is that she is non-judgmental to herself and to others. She is also expressive in her actions as well as verbally...another strong point. Overall, her personality is not really abstract, but just letting to get to know her and letting her get to know you is where you'll be comfortable and may just well compliment one another.

Video - Alright With Me

It's about time! I've been waiting for this video to drop. And it's finally here! Alright With Me featuring DMinor with Phonte off of Keelay & Zaire's LP Ridin High. Fresh for the summer. Cop the LP if you haven't already.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

iPod Worthy + Black Thought Interview

Yeah, I know...I haven't been blogging in awhile...Well, more like on-and-off blogging. Still trying to figure out what's up with me lately. Anyways, thought I'd share a few things with you; Two things that are iPod worthy to listen to and vibe out with and this really interesting interview by, you guessed it, fellow Roots veteran Black Thought. Following, is by Scion A/V titled Blu Jems: Beat Machine available on iTunes for $3.99. You can check out Exile's contribution to the CD, "Extra Funk," below. And check out this brand new mixtape by the Chef himself (and FINALLY OB4CL2 has a street date--hopefully--of 8/11). Raekwon put out this mixtape with DJ Absolut, Blood On Chef's Apron. Features include Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz, Noreaga, Jadakiss, AZ, Twista, B-Real, and more. Shouts to Okayplayer on these. Some really dope ish...

**If you're wondering, The Roots' ninth studio album How I Got Over is out June 23. Expect a few new guests on the LP...

Exile - "Extra Funk"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Men @ Work

Thought this dope. The Roots and Black Thought remixed Kool G Rap's classic joint "Men @ Work" via Okayplayer. This is a LIVE rendition from The Roots' weekly gig The Jam. The full audio performance features Yoshi Takemasa and Luke O’Malley (of Antibalas), Paula Henderson on baritone sax and Vernon Reid on guitar, while Jaleel Bunton (TV On The Radio) and James Poyser joined ?uestlove on the drums.

The Roots - Men At Work (Afrobeat Remix)

Lyrics To Go

"You ever see someone who roll with Mayweather, rhyme like Ricky Hatton
Smash whatever you throw, 1000 is what I'm battin'
Got a few hooks but no jabs
Took 'em out your corndog books and notepads
I get it, you Got Rich robbin' those in the industry
Bite off this one, steal from your enemy
Never try to play the hottest one out your camp
He might step off and take half the juice from your amp
Enough to make you Vogue on the cover of GQ
Only missin' the sheer blouse. Homie, you see-through
Stop sippin' on that Formula 50
They want heat, I'll give it to them burnt and crispy
Rhymes too short to box with God, so stretch it
Especially these overrated rap steppin' fetchers
I told you if I rain, there'll be an eternal drizzle
Woodwork strips being chipped with sharp chisels.
One verse shatter your spine and crush your spirit
No matter what, you still Window Shop for lyrics..."


I'm not sure, but I just feel so out of place right now. It's almost like I feel confused about my surroundings and what's going on. Hallucinating? I don't know...maybe...? I'm still not 100% from this damn cold...more like 90-95%. It just don't feel right. The past week I felt lazy...that's why I haven't been blogging anything in awhile...and haven't really had anything to write about. And now I'm writing about this...This "thing" that I feel, next to some white guy on my right watching what seems to be an episode of That 70's Show and to my left, a really nice/cute, outfitted chick writing something on Wordpad.

Now I'm thinking to myself..."Why I'm I writing this?" Maybe it's just for me to write something here since I haven't done so in what seems in quite awhile or to just ramble or maybe just to get this out of my system. Fuck. I don't know...I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Someone hit me or punch me or something. I gotta wake up. Give me my iPod or my records and let me just vibe out for a dope minute...Maybe then I'll recover and comeback from this "La La Land" of unsureness and confusion.'ll work.

Another thing is that I'm starting to get sick and tired of these other online social networking sites (why Facebook, again?). So glad that my life isn't revolved on social networking sites and that's why I'm here more than Twitter or Facebook. So if you haven't already know...just meet me here. Twitter is cool, but having a Facebook...I don't know, it's just too much for me...But yet again, I'm on it thanks to my cousin--I kinda mean that in a bad way. The only reason why I have a Facebook account now...It's just for me to keep up with the family (why I gave in...? I'm not so sure why I did...) I think it messed me up, also...

Need to come back to my senses and feel comfortable. I'm messed up right now...


Lyrics To Go

"So push it, along, trails, we blaze
Don't deserve the gong, don't deserve the praise
The tranquility will make ya unball your fist
For we put Hip-Hop on a brand new twist..."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Excitement

Bulls game = WIN. THEY WILL WIN. (Tip off 8PM ET on TNT)

Pacquiao vs. Hatton = My take is on Pac-Man