Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lyrics To Go

"You ever see someone who roll with Mayweather, rhyme like Ricky Hatton
Smash whatever you throw, 1000 is what I'm battin'
Got a few hooks but no jabs
Took 'em out your corndog books and notepads
I get it, you Got Rich robbin' those in the industry
Bite off this one, steal from your enemy
Never try to play the hottest one out your camp
He might step off and take half the juice from your amp
Enough to make you Vogue on the cover of GQ
Only missin' the sheer blouse. Homie, you see-through
Stop sippin' on that Formula 50
They want heat, I'll give it to them burnt and crispy
Rhymes too short to box with God, so stretch it
Especially these overrated rap steppin' fetchers
I told you if I rain, there'll be an eternal drizzle
Woodwork strips being chipped with sharp chisels.
One verse shatter your spine and crush your spirit
No matter what, you still Window Shop for lyrics..."

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