Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing New Jack Hustle

Everytime I'm always in search for some new ish--music wise, to be exact. And every now-and-then I stumble upon new artists, whether it be on the 'Net or by mouth from other peeps, I usually take my own words or others words for it...And usually it goes pretty well; I'd have to hear it to believe the hype, too, if you dig that...

Anyways, one of these is New Jack Hustle...which is Newman (if you recall, from Giant Panda) & Shawn Jacskon. Spotted at Freddie's site/blog and at Okayplayer, this joint is pretty fresh. The track is called "Lionel" featuring Ohmega Watts. New Jack Hustle's album, Sound Check, is in stores now.

Anyone own most of these vinyls in the vid...? I'll get you something!

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