Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm not sure, but I just feel so out of place right now. It's almost like I feel confused about my surroundings and what's going on. Hallucinating? I don't know...maybe...? I'm still not 100% from this damn cold...more like 90-95%. It just don't feel right. The past week I felt lazy...that's why I haven't been blogging anything in awhile...and haven't really had anything to write about. And now I'm writing about this...This "thing" that I feel, next to some white guy on my right watching what seems to be an episode of That 70's Show and to my left, a really nice/cute, outfitted chick writing something on Wordpad.

Now I'm thinking to myself..."Why I'm I writing this?" Maybe it's just for me to write something here since I haven't done so in what seems in quite awhile or to just ramble or maybe just to get this out of my system. Fuck. I don't know...I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Someone hit me or punch me or something. I gotta wake up. Give me my iPod or my records and let me just vibe out for a dope minute...Maybe then I'll recover and comeback from this "La La Land" of unsureness and confusion. Mmm...it'll work.

Another thing is that I'm starting to get sick and tired of these other online social networking sites (why Facebook, again?). So glad that my life isn't revolved on social networking sites and that's why I'm here more than Twitter or Facebook. So if you haven't already know...just meet me here. Twitter is cool, but having a Facebook...I don't know, it's just too much for me...But yet again, I'm on it thanks to my cousin--I kinda mean that in a bad way. The only reason why I have a Facebook account now...It's just for me to keep up with the family (why I gave in...? I'm not so sure why I did...) I think it messed me up, also...

Need to come back to my senses and feel comfortable. I'm messed up right now...


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