Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Description Of A...

I'd describe her as a very social and open-minded individual who is not afraid to tell anyone what's in her mind. She's kind and pretty much gets along with anyone. Sometimes her personality can be complex and demanding...but you cannot look at it like any other person. When I mean complex and demanding, I mean that in a very good manner. It's like you have to look passed what you may think is bad...but rather she always means well, whether for good or for bad. She's more of an optimist rather than a pessimest. Her personality is unique and very much her personality, to me, is really mature for age. She may not know everything, but she knows a lot and her words and actions speak for themselves. Her personality is also that she is understanding, caring, loving, and respecting...let's not forget that she is also a very good listener and she tries to the best of her ability to help out. But I know that sometimes her personality can get to her and she may try to bottle it up inside her if something is troubling her. But she knows how to handle herself and she would always keep her head up. Speaking of that, I can really tell that she is a very strong woman and very honest to herself and others. Whether or not there may be complimentary hues with others, she still cares...but to a certain point. Her personality may also be that she can be strongly opinionated about certain topics or subjects and stands on-point and behind her opinions, but is really respecting, understanding, will be able to listen to others opinions. Another important thing is that she is non-judgmental to herself and to others. She is also expressive in her actions as well as verbally...another strong point. Overall, her personality is not really abstract, but just letting to get to know her and letting her get to know you is where you'll be comfortable and may just well compliment one another.


  1. Would this be describing someone you know? Someone you admire? Someone you feel for?

    It's rather in depth, too, it goes into nice detail.

  2. You're welcome, Sweety =)