Friday, July 31, 2009

One For The Weekend

If you've enjoyed that "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" (Astronote remix) or if it's already playing here on my blog, check out this special treat...An in-house performance by Mayer Hawthorne singing "Maybe So, Maybe No" with DJ Benji B on the 1's and 2's. He sure has this timeless voice. A Strange Arrangement drops September 8th on Stones Throw Records...And so far what I've heard, this is going to be worth every penny when I grab this and listen to it.

Missin' Out...

Seems like I'm too caught up with new ish lately, music wise, and I'm startin' to miss out on all the other music from previous months or years. Those oldie but goodie records I have that I've haven't listened to for a hot minute. I was goin' through my collection of records from the past, mostly CD's, and then my really, REALLY old first generation iPod--you know, the one with the straight-up black and white LCD display with a white backlight, no color...Yup, the classic--and goin' through my playlist I came across on listening to some old joints from years past. The same with my CD collection. Man...listening to those songs again just sounds SO much better. I swear, it's like I almost forgot I had these. Shot some photos of some of my CD's that I missed out on and haven't touched in quite awhile...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Things That I Just Don't Really Care About

It came to my mind just now to write about this. Not that it really matters to anyone out there reading this or whatever...but to just you know...let me just say, to let certain things out. Not that this bugs me or anything, but just to show you that there is no point of asking, telling, or showing me things that...well, there would be no point of me caring about. Even if it's certain things that would catch my attention or persuade me. I'm not wasting my time for that stuff! There's a lot that matter to me, and personally, that I care about--I stress that, by the way--but there are also lots of other ish floating around that I just don't really give a rat's booty about.

Take for instance the new Shakira music video (I think it's called "She Wolf" or somethin') off her new, upcoming album. Saw this when I flipped the channel to NBC and Access Hollywood was on and for some damn reason I happen to watch all 30 freakin' minutes of it. Was it me, tired, or just lazy to change the dang channel? I don't know. I honestly DON'T watch that show or any of those gossipy, reality "news" programs...or ANYTHING reality. Well, almost anything...Okay, maybe Jon & Kate Plus 8, Cake Boss, and The Little Couple...I find those interesting and enjoyable to watch. But all that other bullcrap that's on...psh! watching the segment where they were talking about Shakira's brand-new music video that's set to debut on MTV (what's MTV...?) tonight...I just, well...didn't care. Which brings me to my point, even further...Well, maybe a list, in no particular order:

1) I really don't care about spankin' new music videos that are set to hit the airwaves, UNLESS it's those types of music videos that actually go well together with the artist's music, with the video. Meaning it has this conceptuality to it. And for me, it's gotta appeal to me and have some dope cinematography with the vid. Example, you know that Amerie joint "Why RU"? That's one music video I don't care about. Nothin' special about it...Plus, the music and concept of the video doesn't come close. Dope song...but, really...?

2) I really don't care about people texting me useless things...or even let my own self decide for them! Can't you make your own damn decisions yourself? Shoot, I got things to do. Oh, even those so-called "chain letters". YUCK. I hate them. Don't even waste your time because I don't care whatsoever and I WILL NOT reply back...UNLESS it's something important or in need to tell me. I'd rather talk on the phone or in person rather than to just text, personally.
3) I know some people out there are gonna get me for this, but...I really don't care about social networking sites. *pause* Yeah, yeah, yeeah...I know I have a Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog...but honestly, I really don't care about them--EXCEPT, however, my blog because it's something personal--because I really don't use them a lot, check them, and reply or whatever. My life doesn't run on these sites at all...But ultimately you're saying, BUT YOU STILL HAVE ONE! And I say...BUT I'M NOT ON IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! So, next time if you ask me to go on Facebook...I certainly might not go on it until I feel like it. Find me in person, the phone, or hit up my blog...

4) I really don't care much at all about mainstream/commerical music and the radio anymore. All utter bullshit to me. Nothin' really new or dope to listen, dance, hum, bob your head to, etc., it's ALL THE SAME to me. What's with the whole "snap music" goin' on? I mean, really...Crunk shit? C'mon! Where's all the real Hip-Hop and feel good music out there on the radio today? Seems like all that good shit is on the lower level...While some are out there already. I'm stickin' to what I dig and vibe out to.

5) I really don't care about--alot, really--people copying me. It's annoying and it isn't making you who you really are and not very reputable. Why would you ever do that in the first place? I really don't get that. You can dress, look, and act like me...but you can NEVER BE ME. Word? Go find your own self and orginality...and STICK WITH IT. Besides...what is so special about me anyways that people want to be me, or be LIKE me...?

6) I really don't care at all about stupid talk. I think this is self-explanatory here. Look, there's more important stuff to deal with and to worry about...Why would I care about something that is or would be so pointless to me?

7) ...Not sure if there is a seven, or eight...or even a number 9, and on, about other stuff that I just don't really care about. This list was tough to make. Had to think...but I'm pretty sure there's more that don't matter to me. I guess I just have to wait for more myself...


...The Green Hornet...and his trusty sidekick Kato? (Bruce Lee) I wanna be that dude. Plus, my own set of wheels. Gyeah.

I'm Feelin'...

...Flying Lotus right now for some reason. I was going through some tapes I recorded last year, like various beats from different artists that I went on to record on a Maxell UR60 cassette tape...just so I can have some dope beats or whatever to vibe at--yeah, you know I still rock a Walkman--and I came across this Fly Lo joint that had some ill percussions on congas/bongos or somethin'. I'm thinking to myself, damn...this is pretty fresh! Then I started thinkin' if I knew any beat like that...that's what Fly Lo would use. He's got this distinct sound/style to his beats knowing full well that YOU KNOW that's him on the beat tip. I can sorta tell by how his style is mellow/dark, thumpin'... Deep bass that also has this "hum-drum" effect--which I like to call myself--mixin' it up with cool sound effects and various styles of music like Soul and Jazz with that flava' of Hip-Hop all sandwiched up in a nice package with that special sauce added. Mmm...Gyeah. Reminds me when I first heard and got both the 1983 and Los Angeles albums...BLISS. Gotta say that all his LP's and EP's are ALL BOMB. Not to mention the artwork on the album covers...Not to shabby if I may say so myself. Samples below...

If you're askin' about why cassette tapes and not CD-R's or an iPod...I'm not sure, either. Wasn't sure what I was thinkin' about putting them on tapes...I guess I wanted to go back and relive it all when THERE WERE tapes, and the essence of keepin' ish proper, aside from vibin' with them in the ride and with friends...


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crown City Rockers

I've been WAITING for quite awhile for a new album to drop. Now, it seems like that's going to happen on September 29th via Gold Dust Records. There new LP is titled The Day After Forever. It's been 5 years since there Earthtones album and I'm looking forward this LP droppin' soon. Below is the album cover and track list with an official leak off there new LP called "Soul".

01 Intro
02 Break
03 Soul
04 Kiss
05 Go On
06 Astroshocks
07 Go Away
08 Crusin’
09 Let’s Love
10 Clap Your Hands
11 Make it Hotter
12 That’s Life
13 The Forever Song

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lose Your Way - New Single From Shibuya

New single from City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya from your's truly...

City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya - September 15

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Weekend Chill

Today was a blast...even if it was just a few of us friends talkin', chillin', eating, and being bored out of our asses. Better than being at home, that's for sure. Always a good time to just K.I.S.S. sometimes.

Saw a dope movie at Sean's pad called Children Of Men with Clive Owen and this actress who I'm familiar with, but don't remember her name, and I gotta say it's one of my favorite movies that I've seen...that didn't SUCK. Not alot of movies could do what this movie did...And it was one of those Sci-Fi joints...that didn't SUCK--cinematography was BOMB...Like everything about that movie was BOMB! There's no words to describe it. I highly suggest watching it yourself.

It's also amazing how just talking we can learn alot from each other, even from experiences...Funny as hell, too--I'll spare you the details on that one, however...


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hype Is On J.R.

Just when you thought it wasn't enough. Here's the brand new track that I was talking about--from Thursday's session with, maybe not. The track is titled "When I'm Around You" (which had a couple more titles, but this sticks). Listen/download for FREE. Enjoy.

Second Nature - When I'm Around You

Again, another one of those track commentaries I keep hittin' ya'll up with...just to give you some idea of what's around each track...and I'm here to do it again, this time with J.R.'s original composition "When I'm Around You"...

When I'm Around You So it was on Thursday, this week, that we recorded this song...well, at least helped record this song with John. See, this was an originial composition inspired by John himself that was just aching to be written and recorded for quite some time now since the day I heard it first from John. With the help of us, Sean and I, was more Sean and J.R. than me--I did maybe one line to finish up the second verse--I remember it was somewhat tough for us to come up with lyrics to finish up this song...John having the most difficulty (don't worry, John, not to pick on you with that...just saying) coming up with the right lyrics and the right tone/rhythm. I, however, just thought, "Man, I'm glad I'm not a singer and write songs..." and just started thinking of a simple yet flavorful drum style to accompany this song--think like classic oldies/folk/light rock kinda stuff--that's what I was trying to go for. Speaking of style, we decided to just scrap the drums altogether and just strictly make it (for now) an acoustic style track...I agreed and also agreed that it did sounded better once the final recording was done. So that was that. The title...We had a few other titles goin' on with this track...Originally it was titled "When I'm Around You", then it came to be "The Girl Wearing The Pants"...or some shit like that...then it was titled "When I'm With You"...Honestly, I'd keep the original title as is rather than just coming up and changing a title to song that you just composed. Originality and creativity go hand-in-hand...and it's key...Anyways, I think it was John and I that decided to ultimately keep the original title as intended to be. So yes, no drums on my part this time...but I did help by arranging and co-producing the track...and did a little drum test (see video on previous post) to come up with something. During recording, it was a little long because we did so many takes and took time on the writing process and for John to get the right singing voice...Not sure why it was tough for him to get it right on one shot, let alone in one take...When Sean and I sang that line we nailed it. It's all good, though...he eventually nailed it...And this is the final result once you listen or have already listened to it. Like I mentioned awhile ago that this is strictly acoustic and it was John and Sean who did the guitars, both Acoustic Guitar and Electric. Sean also did the solo part in the song while he was spiffying up the song. Funny, I remembered I did just a tiny vocal part in the very begining of the track--yup...the whole "2, 3, 4..." count, ha! But that's nothin'. Oh, forgot...the background of this track is quite simple...A woman dominating a man in a relationship--just in case you didn't get that when you listened to the song. Just to add...Be careful who you date...

Produced by: Second Nature--Composed by John Ryan Maming

J.R. - Writer, lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar/Electric
Sean Lacson - co-Writer, additional Guitar (Electric), Producer/arrangement
B.Major - the Count-Off, co-Producer/arrangement

***FINAL CUT of "You Are" is posted here...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wait, Wait...Two More...

<a href="">Snug by Freddie Joachim</a>

<a href="">Clean by Freddie Joachim</a>

A Word.


Thursday Is For Recording Session

I'm frustrated. Camera to computer isn't cooperating right. However, I did manage to get the photos I randomly took--nothin' fancy folks--from today's session. Before I forget and move on, thanks Jas for stoppin' by.

We all arrived at church (wished you stayed, Jas) working and recording on a new song--fourth track, by the way--this time a little different--more on that later...This, by the way, is actually J.R.'s own composition that was just itchin' to get written down and recorded for quite some time--I'll explain more in a future commentary following the track. I don't wanna give everything all away, nothin' TOO today went somethin' like this...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Freddie...

Damn. Seems like Freddie's squeezin' out tracks left and right recently. The Limited Study Guide CD's will be available soon with EXTRA TRACKS included not found on the Standard Edition LP. Here's 2 more tracks via Freddie's blog, "Grass" and "One More Night".

<a href="">Grass by Freddie Joachim</a>

<a href="">One More Night by Freddie Joachim</a>

Back To The Archives (Part Deux) - The Cousins That Be

Here's more from the archives of my past. Notice on some of the photos, my style back then...I guess now you know where I got it from. It's settled down quite a bit, though.

A Tribe Called Cousins--Check the steez...I rocked them LA Lights

Coolin' out

Neon Green laces w/ Jordan IX's; Style of beyond. Gyeah.

Adrial looks like Letterman's keyboardist, except with hair

Legoland--Don't remember what this was, but I remember my mom didn't buy it for me. Boo.

Tamarack, Wis. Dells; Jayson's birthday--Check out the Zords!


More to come...

Monday, July 20, 2009

On Optimism

When I think about it, I believe that Optimus Prime's name was named because, well, his optimism--anyone agree? Him being the leader he is by his patience, wisdom, and humbleness he always tries to do what is right, making the right and most crucial decisions and well...sacrifice. Anyways, I was just watching this special on TLC that, I think, that was on last night--and I totally forgot/missed the program...until now--with Michael J. Fox: Adventures of An Incurable Optimist and I tell you it was pretty interesting as he takes adventures and talks to various people such as average, everyday people, musicians, such as Ben Harper, celebrities like Bill Murray, and doctors, scientists, students, and professors...even his own wife. He even went the country of Bhutan where they call it the "happiest country in the world". I was really intrigued by his efforts and just going out there for the search of OPTIMISM in different places.

To me, I'm not really a pessimist and I strive to be an optimist and to be more optimistic everyday. Just like Ben Harper said, which I do agree, let alone relate, but not to mention I do agree with the other things mentioned in the program, that music is optimistic. But I don't know about the whole genetic side of optimism. Are we born with those type of optimistic genes...? I guess, in my opinion, it's yes and no...It just depends on--in general--culture, ethics, and values.

Optimism is kind of a hard topic to grasp because there's so many things that surround this particular subject, alongside with pessimism. We can do those things easily...but explaining it and discussing it, I can see how it can be difficult. I mean, if you look at it, everyday we live with both optimism and pessimism...There is no or. It's both. You are either one or the other. I could go on about this whole thing about optimism...but I find it tough. My brain can't seem to find the right words to form what optimism is all about. Is it an opinion? Do we choose to be an optimist? Are we born with it? Does it just come naturally?


Nicolay Does Shibuya

September 15, 2009


01 Lose Your Way feat. Carlitta Durand
02 Shibuya Station
03 Crossing
04 Rain In Ueno Park
05 Satellite
06 Saturday Night feat. Carlitta Durand
07 A Ride Under The Neon Moon
08 Omotesando
09 Meiji Shrine
10 Shadow Dancing
11 The Inner Garden
12 Bullet Train
13 Wake Up In Another Life
14 Departure
15 Shibuya Epilogue feat. Carlitta Durand


Grabbed the audio off The Roots' new LP How I Got Over--which is titled the same--via Okayplayer, also available in its ENTIRETY on September 29th, 2009 on Def Jam. This is a World Premiere of the album cut of the first single off the LP. If you remember Fallon with their rendition, what do you think about this...?

The Roots - How I Got Over

Never Cared Too Much X Track Commentary

Here it is, like I promised. Our third song titled "Never Cared Too Much", fresh from the "lab". I also decided to include some commentary regarding this track...

Never Cared Too Much This was done in a day...Say several hours which was yesterday--being Sunday--from the afternoon through the late afternoon. I had to go home for a couple of hours to take care of stuff and it was Sean and John that was already there ahead of me (at Sean's house). I didn't really mind much. But as soon as I got there later, they've told me that they also completed and redid the "You Are" track--which was just the vocals to balance out well with the instruments...Sound wise that is--I'll have that soon, like I said. Anyways, I got there when they told me that they were just about to work on this song that you hear--right on time, too. With that, we messed around a bit...took some random photos and what-not. Jas wasn't with us this time, but we all wished he was there. Basically it was just the trio--John, Me, and Sean. Of course we had and used the same tools that we've always used to play and record. If I recall, this was actually Sean's conceptualized song that he created...with the help of John and I--John having that singing voice versus US who had nothin' like his voice...but we still used to manage something out of us. Our voices weren't as good as his, so John was mainly the singer on this one. But ultimately, this was our song with our group in mind. The recording process, however, was a little difficult and challenging, but also fun...I remember Sean's pedal and that really dope effect that our voices had...Funny! I'd really want to use that someday in another recording...Like some kind of intro before the song--I'll save that for another time. The instruments were the first to be laid down and then we individually did the vocals ourselves--like it is always when we record our songs. Though the process of recording our vocals difficult in general than any other thing involving this track--tone, pitch, range, arranging...singing voices. But after awhile it worked out. I think this was one song that had more guitar work put into it. This song, compared to the previous two, was more of like my style of play...with a little flava' in-between--I'm talking drums, here. And get this...I actually did a little vocal work alongside with John to further emphasize more of the vocal ranges of us three than the actual instruments. It was helped out--after awhile--and it actually went quite well. Which brings me to this...Another being more vocal involvement was put forth in this track. A longer track than the previous two, but well-worth the recording. In-between the recording sessions we AGAIN had some technical problem...Really, it was some accidental mistake and quite literally it was SMALL. Freaked it us out a bit, but no blamimg involved. That was solved--after a few restarts and what-not. I have to say though that this is one of my favorite tracks--next to "Guardian"--because I think it was more involved than any of the other tracks that we did. Again, group effort. Safe to say, I guess we can take this home to Jas since he wasn't there--where were you buddy? It's all good, though.

Produced by: Second Nature--Conceptualized by Sean Lacson

J.R. - Electric Guitar, lead Vocals, co-Producer, co-Writer
Sean Lacson - Electric Guitar, additional Vocals, Writer, Producer
B.Major - Drums, additional Vocals, arrangements/co-Producer

Thank you and thank you very kindly.

It's The Covers, Baby, The Covers

Gyeah. Dig...

One For The Summer, Two For The Street...

I awake for another start of the week, here, for Monday. 2 more weeks until it's over. But I'm also feelin' this track. Somethin' to get by those hot Summer days and strollin' along the streets...Here's another gem...for the Summer, again, by Freddie Joachim...

<a href="">Heat Street by Freddie Joachim</a>

Here's (I think) number 5...

<a href="">Vast by Freddie Joachim</a>

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SN Back In The Lab

Today was an awesome day. It wasn't like I had anything else to do today, but the fact of going back to the lab and recording again, and this time working on our third song. The song was a conceptualized by Sean--I'll save that for a later track commentary on that one...The day went a little something like this...

**Our compilation is coming soon...


Again, thank you for listening.

Oh, forgot to mention that prior to me being there, the guys redone the vocals for "You Are" to compensate and to balance out with the instruments. It's been completed and sounds alot richer than the previous one. I'll post up another download (of course for FREE) of the FINAL CUT VERSION as soon as I get my hands on it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

On Some Track Commentary

First, I told you what was goin' down and sooner than you thought, I posted up the two tracks available now for your listening pleasure and download for FREE and now I decided that I'd throw in some commentary on each track discussing and explaining how these two tracks came to be in which you hear now in your ears. So, allow me for a moment to further go on to the tracks than just hearing them. But first, a brief origin of how the group came to be...

It all started with just a simple idea and yet a very simple, but meaningful, group name. We were talking for awhile about making our own band...and long story short, it actually came to be. With our name, Second Nature, it was set. I was the one that actually came up with the name, quite simply, because I remember watching this Hip-Hop documentary about emcees and how they would describe their talent and how they would freestyle/write their rhymes...and I remember this one dude saying that when he's rapping that it's just so natural, automatic, organic...that it just became second nature...So I thought, wow...this is it. That's going to be our name because the name basically just relates and parallels how we play our instruments, just as that guy who rhymes. With that done, it was time we did some songs...and those two songs that you've heard already did justice on how we've become...even more so, now. Within these two tracks are the origins which I will go into now...We thank you for listening.

You Are This song came to be, basically just for the mom's out there...Hence this was for the Mother's Day celebration at church. Around that, however, it was more of an experiment and an establishment of sounds, words, and the people--mainly friends--that helped us out. Basically speaking, we were trying things out and trying to find out what we should sound like and what we sound like. To me, I really believe that we should stress, stretch, and further our knowledge, play, and styles to any genre of music...even the types of music that WE are into and like listening to. Anyways, I'll save the rest of that for another time...But the song wasn't as easy to write or even think about first...I remember it being quite hard for us--couldn't think about anything; words, meaning, style, sound...But then after awhile--I think it was some time in April that we came up with it...being it took almost that entire month, probably in May, also, when we were still working on it and finally getting it all done--we started getting stuff done to the song. The idea came from John which would ultimately be our first track for our group (I remember that John and I were talking about our first song for our band...this was it) and then it was Sean, Jas, and I that helped out with it with more lyrics and the guitar. We really didn't want to do play and sing anything cheesy and meaningless to what that day brought so we had to think of something fun and meaningful for the mom's out there...and ultimately it all worked out, as you can hear. I didn't really do much for the lyrics, but I was a major help in sound, and style wise, for the track...I've already thought of a beat and style that would fit this particular track, stuck to it, layed down the drums, and nailed it. The bomb was dropped and this is what you hear now...However, the version played at church was different than the one you hear now. Different being the drums and a little on the guitar with the fills. The version that you hear now was recorded and semi-redone at the "lab"...Acapella part was done with hand claps provided by the trio--J.R., Me, and Sean. I tell you, those hand claps were fun to do, yet funny. Challenging track, but uber fun. Brainstormed and semi-played at Sean's house--big up, bro.

Produced by: Second Nature

J.R. - Electric Guitar, lead Vocals--let's not forget the hand claps...
Sean Lacson - Electric Guitar, additional Vocals, lead producer--another clapper...
Jas Somentac - additional lyrics, Bass Guitar, occasional Electric/Vocals
B.Major - Drums, secondary producer--the other, other...clapper

Guardian To me, this is my favorite out of the two, simply because of the lyrics and sound throughout the track and the meaning behind it. This song was for the papa's out there, and--you guessed it, for Father's Day. Performed at church for the celebration of the Papa's, this was our second track from our group, which followed right along side nicely with "You Are". If you listen carefully and compare the two songs, this song has some elements from our first track...Why? Well, I'll tell you why. I think there was one reason because "trying for something new" didn't really quite worked out how we would've liked it to be. The main reason was that it was even more difficult to write something new and basically, didn't have anything thought out. So we basically took elements off "You Are" and used that as our template to come up with a song for Father's Day. What's changed, obviously, was the lyrics...and more so on how we played it. The instruments are different versus the first song we did. I think originally we were going to keep the same style of play from the first track and wanted to change it...slightly. But we didn't want to sound redundant, so we completely just came up with a different style of play--still rock, but still keep the funness and rock vibes just like our first track. Again, it was The 4-Man Crew that came out and helped with contributions by Jason on, I believe, it was the first verse. It was done and written by him to replace the "You Are" lyrics--remember, we used that track as a template for this one--and it lead to a snowball-effect which lead everyone else--minus Me--write new lyrics in which "Guardian" was now fully born. Again, I helped out but more for the drums and I stuck to the same style, but added some flava' to it. This, too, is a different version than the one you've might've heard performed at church. This song was created some time on June 18th, just a few days shy of Father's was all-together crunch time.

Produced by: Second Nature

J.R. - Electric Guitar, lead Vocals
Sean Lacson - Electric Guitar, additional Vocals, lead producer
Jas Somentac - assistance, additional Vocals
B.Major - Drums, secondary producer
Jason Cruz - additional lyrics

***For both, these were recorded, redone, reedited at the "lab" with a not very soundproof "vocal booth" at LWCC. laugh now, but you gotta work with what you have...right?


Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Nature Tracks

Waiting for the pizza to cook, watching Whale Wars and Ghost Adventures--at the same time no less--and beat-tired from basketball and after that, I caught up with the guys from our crew and low-and-behold, I have the 2 tracks that were recorded both mastered...However, John suggested that the vocals should be redone on "You Are" because they were low, but overall...not bad. Shouts to John for giving me the tracks via Bluetooth and Sean for spiffing up the those tracks. So, I'm at home now on the computer just completed the upload to DivShare and prepping to post the two tracks up on my the same time eating. Anyways, I'm looking forward to more stuff from our group--make that (so far) 3 new tracks in the making...Compilation in the works, maybe...? But for now, enjoy these two tracks--for FREE and for DOWNLOAD--"You Are" and "Guardian" from Second Nature. Shouts to the crew, Y4JC, and LWCC...friends/family and for Sean letting us use the program. SN...Let's do this...

Second Nature - You Are

Second Nature - Guardian


Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's 2:16AM in a very late, Thursday morning...Still up. Ate 2 chicken patties, a quarter of Gatorade left over from awhile ago, today, er, yesterday--being Wednesday--and a glass of cold, refreshing water to chase it after. I'm wishing/hoping to go to bed some time soon, and not later, getting out of the habit of not sleeping too late and into a nice, comfy bed with thin sheets over me--it gets cold in my room late at night, okay? Thing is...I can't sleep. And I'm still up...

But it's not to say that I found, yet, another gem of a track, this time from Freddie Joachim. Now, if you haven't picked up Study Guide--which also features Question on the LP with the production tip--and other Freddie material that's been surfacing and re-surfacing, you're really missin' and really sleepin' out on this dude. Honestly, he's one of my favorites up there who are just strictly with the production side of things. Hailing from California, his Jazzy, Hip-Hoppy, House sounds and beats are just really ill to vibe out to...and with.

Anyways, without further ado--and for me to get off this dang computer and quit bloggin' up a storm for tonight and get to sleepin'--I present to you "Sheets"...

<a href="">Sheets by Freddie Joachim</a>

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Session-Foolery - LIVE With Second Nature

These are the moments spoken, done, and now written here on this blog post by way of these videos and snapshots taken from my cell phone camera--pardon the overall quality; might want to turn up the volume on the videos. And my booty forgot my camera...AGAIN. Oh, and I just don't like how I sound on video, yuck--to enhance what was written before this post (see post below) and right now as I write these, and you, the viewer, reading this post. Embarrassed/ashamed...? I don't care. Whatevs.

Right. Now let's get right to it...

So, like I said before I've mentioned a few things here and there that happend in-between and behind the scenes of the videos and snapshots, i.e., recording and...remember the HAND CLAPS I mentioned before in the previous post? Yup. That happend. I said to them that I wanted to do the hand claps just to be in the credits of all the recording...but it was just a little joke.'s great to be working with these fellas who also happen to be great friends of ultimately, it's a group effort and we work and cooperate together. ANYWAYS...back to the hand claps. Hmm...So it was Sean, John, and I that did the hand claps in one of our tracks--this happend to be one of the tracks we performed...Remember Father's Day? It went pretty well...quite funny, too...Well, all of it was funny and just uber fun. Turned out after the first take of those claps, it was decided that we needed to record one more track of our trio of hand claps together to enhance the overall quality of...well, I'm not going to give it all away--just have to wait for the mastered track of the song we recorded and the other tracks still in the process. Yup...the hand claps.

You might be wondering...where was Jas in all this fun...? Actually, he was here all along during the process of recording and...foolery. Before I arrived, they said that Jas was playing the bass and just chillin' with us...Then he went on to clean the rooms upstairs, then took a nap--see the proof. Meanwhile, we were figuring out a few problems while recording that just annoyed the 'f' out of us...But soon, it was solved. ANYHOO...overall, recording with the folks was fun today...can't wait to do it again. I wanna be up to bat next...We'll see...






Cubase SX--Up, running, and recording...

WMD's--You know what's up.

...-drunk love

B., with his shir-ban

Sleepy head