Monday, July 20, 2009

On Optimism

When I think about it, I believe that Optimus Prime's name was named because, well, his optimism--anyone agree? Him being the leader he is by his patience, wisdom, and humbleness he always tries to do what is right, making the right and most crucial decisions and well...sacrifice. Anyways, I was just watching this special on TLC that, I think, that was on last night--and I totally forgot/missed the program...until now--with Michael J. Fox: Adventures of An Incurable Optimist and I tell you it was pretty interesting as he takes adventures and talks to various people such as average, everyday people, musicians, such as Ben Harper, celebrities like Bill Murray, and doctors, scientists, students, and professors...even his own wife. He even went the country of Bhutan where they call it the "happiest country in the world". I was really intrigued by his efforts and just going out there for the search of OPTIMISM in different places.

To me, I'm not really a pessimist and I strive to be an optimist and to be more optimistic everyday. Just like Ben Harper said, which I do agree, let alone relate, but not to mention I do agree with the other things mentioned in the program, that music is optimistic. But I don't know about the whole genetic side of optimism. Are we born with those type of optimistic genes...? I guess, in my opinion, it's yes and no...It just depends on--in general--culture, ethics, and values.

Optimism is kind of a hard topic to grasp because there's so many things that surround this particular subject, alongside with pessimism. We can do those things easily...but explaining it and discussing it, I can see how it can be difficult. I mean, if you look at it, everyday we live with both optimism and pessimism...There is no or. It's both. You are either one or the other. I could go on about this whole thing about optimism...but I find it tough. My brain can't seem to find the right words to form what optimism is all about. Is it an opinion? Do we choose to be an optimist? Are we born with it? Does it just come naturally?


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