Friday, July 3, 2009

I've Been Sleepin'...

...Two albums that I almost forgot about that I've been sleeping on that came out this week:

Actually, I don't even know if Sonic Smash came out...haven't seen it anywhere, not even on iTunes. Online perhaps...? UPDATE: Just found out it's pushed back to July 21st and not this week (which was June 30th). I also found the track list with the first single "Lyrics Is Back" ft. Torae.

1. “Intro” (feat. Joc Max)
2. “Elemental” (feat. Sputnik Brown)
3. “Lyrics is Back” (feat. Torae)
4. “Lights Out!” (feat. John Robinson)
5. “New York” (feat. Jigmastas)
6. “Call Me Senor” (feat. Senor Kaos)
7. “Get On Down” (feat. Fresh Daily, P.Casso & Homeboy Sandman)
8. “Making Your Way in the World” (feat. Breezly Brewin & J-Treds)
9. “Guaranteed” (feat. Phonte & Yahzarah)
10. “More” (feat. Dynas)
11. “More Colors” (feat. Elzhi)
12. “Melody” (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Erik Rico)
13. “Still Golden” (feat. Tiye Phoenix)
14. “Outro”

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