Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Nature Tracks

Waiting for the pizza to cook, watching Whale Wars and Ghost Adventures--at the same time no less--and beat-tired from basketball and after that, I caught up with the guys from our crew and low-and-behold, I have the 2 tracks that were recorded both mastered...However, John suggested that the vocals should be redone on "You Are" because they were low, but overall...not bad. Shouts to John for giving me the tracks via Bluetooth and Sean for spiffing up the those tracks. So, I'm at home now on the computer just completed the upload to DivShare and prepping to post the two tracks up on my the same time eating. Anyways, I'm looking forward to more stuff from our group--make that (so far) 3 new tracks in the making...Compilation in the works, maybe...? But for now, enjoy these two tracks--for FREE and for DOWNLOAD--"You Are" and "Guardian" from Second Nature. Shouts to the crew, Y4JC, and LWCC...friends/family and for Sean letting us use the program. SN...Let's do this...

Second Nature - You Are

Second Nature - Guardian




    Each of the instrumentalists are equally heard, so cool! Ah, just so amazing, I have no words really to critique :D

    Can't wait to hear more!!!

  2. Thanks, P. =) Appreciate the comment and the love. Trust us, there's more to come...