Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back To The Archives (Photo-duction)

I've been wanting to post up some photos and actually have something in my blog that's worthy for a post/views. And I think this could be it. So anyways, grabbed some really old photos from back in the day and thought I'd share some of my memories to you, from me. I'll be posting up some more in the future...because there's just damn too many of them I have and just want to share. Back from out of the archives of my mom's photo albums and those one hour photo packages, I give you my memories from the past...Man, film just looks so much better.

This is a Photo-duction

Prepping for Halloween Trick-or-Treating--Maritess and I

Baha'i Temple...Somewhere in the 847 area...

My birthday with old friends from the 'hood and school

Me and my cousins Ryan and Maricel--Grandmother's wake. Ryan's a giant now...And I used to babysit him!? Crazy

At Wisconsin with cousins just trying to not be bored...and then some...

More to come...


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