Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fitting Health Around This Spare Tire

Plate full of rice, mom's cooking (Sinigang with Salmon head and spicy peppers), and a bottle of Gatorade...Then later, a glass of water with my daily One-A-Day vitamin. For dessert...? Still waiting and deciding...

For several months now I've been contemplating about my health, my body, and working out all at the same rate. I haven't worked out in many months now and I'm feeling the effects of not working out and eating how I should be eating...healthier. However, I'm gradually getting there...but it's just my motivation sucks booty. I remember eating and working out well that I felt so much more alive and tons more energy and felt healthy. I hate when I don't commit well to certain things...this would be one of them. Fast forward to today...honestly, haven't been feeling the way I was before. I've felt a little weak and less energy and one thing that's kicking my ass is me eating...too much. So, I decided to cut down and eat lesser portions of food on my plate...AND eating healthier. So far, it's been working, but really, REALLY slowly. It's hard and my motivition seems like it's diminishing. I gotta step it up and be determined. Eat better, workout more...feel great!

Their are certain things that I just needed to cut down, other than my overeating habits...such as more water, less carbonated beverages and the like, absolutely NO caffeine, NO fast food (though, that's fucking tough, ugh...), more fruits and vegetables--greens are good--and trying not to sleep too late.

I just have to start doing this again. Getting in the habit of getting myself into shape just like before...and STICK to it.

Now...I just have to find a way to do it...

Cheers to me...


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  1. I feel my motivation go down so much, too. But when that happens I let myself slip (eat unhealthy or not exercise) and then just get back on track. And I used to hate exercising but I've learned that I feel so much better after exercising than if I hadn't.

    hope those tips work for you, and keep up the awesome work so far!