Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back To The Archives (Part Deux) - The Cousins That Be

Here's more from the archives of my past. Notice on some of the photos, my style back then...I guess now you know where I got it from. It's settled down quite a bit, though.

A Tribe Called Cousins--Check the steez...I rocked them LA Lights

Coolin' out

Neon Green laces w/ Jordan IX's; Style of beyond. Gyeah.

Adrial looks like Letterman's keyboardist, except with hair

Legoland--Don't remember what this was, but I remember my mom didn't buy it for me. Boo.

Tamarack, Wis. Dells; Jayson's birthday--Check out the Zords!


More to come...


  1. So cute! Aw, I wish I was that cute as a kid :(

    Deanna x

  2. NIIIICE green neon shoelaces! I want!! =D