Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Session-Foolery - LIVE With Second Nature

These are the moments spoken, done, and now written here on this blog post by way of these videos and snapshots taken from my cell phone camera--pardon the overall quality; might want to turn up the volume on the videos. And my booty forgot my camera...AGAIN. Oh, and I just don't like how I sound on video, yuck--to enhance what was written before this post (see post below) and right now as I write these, and you, the viewer, reading this post. Embarrassed/ashamed...? I don't care. Whatevs.

Right. Now let's get right to it...

So, like I said before I've mentioned a few things here and there that happend in-between and behind the scenes of the videos and snapshots, i.e., recording and...remember the HAND CLAPS I mentioned before in the previous post? Yup. That happend. I said to them that I wanted to do the hand claps just to be in the credits of all the recording...but it was just a little joke.'s great to be working with these fellas who also happen to be great friends of ultimately, it's a group effort and we work and cooperate together. ANYWAYS...back to the hand claps. Hmm...So it was Sean, John, and I that did the hand claps in one of our tracks--this happend to be one of the tracks we performed...Remember Father's Day? It went pretty well...quite funny, too...Well, all of it was funny and just uber fun. Turned out after the first take of those claps, it was decided that we needed to record one more track of our trio of hand claps together to enhance the overall quality of...well, I'm not going to give it all away--just have to wait for the mastered track of the song we recorded and the other tracks still in the process. Yup...the hand claps.

You might be wondering...where was Jas in all this fun...? Actually, he was here all along during the process of recording and...foolery. Before I arrived, they said that Jas was playing the bass and just chillin' with us...Then he went on to clean the rooms upstairs, then took a nap--see the proof. Meanwhile, we were figuring out a few problems while recording that just annoyed the 'f' out of us...But soon, it was solved. ANYHOO...overall, recording with the folks was fun today...can't wait to do it again. I wanna be up to bat next...We'll see...






Cubase SX--Up, running, and recording...

WMD's--You know what's up.

...-drunk love

B., with his shir-ban

Sleepy head



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