Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Black President

Are you ready for a black president?

Today marks exactly 2 months after Barack Obama was elected for the 44th President of the United States...with that the first African American president in the U.S. With Obama winning Illinois, then Indiana, then taking the overall vote of 284 to 165 over McCain, this was an historic moment, and I can say that I am proud to have taken part of this. I, too voted for Obama, safe to say. This will go down in the history books, folks.

With just less than 3 weeks away from Obama's inauguration on January 20, 2009, I honestly cannot wait! Out with Bush, in with Obama, respectively speaking. (Former) President Bush did his job and I think he still, at leasts, needs to be credited for the work he has layed down for two terms...An applaud. But I believe that Obama will come through much stronger than Bush and he will be the most hardest working president than all the other presidents before him, from Reagan to Bush...again, respectively speaking...and NO I am not being sarcastic at all. I say this because right now as I write this entry, as you guys are waking up ready to make your day...going to your jobs, school, etc., etc., the nation, well...the world is in much more trouble and stress than it was before. From financial situations like the economy, wars, issues with foreign policies, politics, environment...even the government itself, gosh damnit...We need a stronger, wiser, humble, president...and President Obama CAN and WILL do the job for not just the American people...but for all humanity. However, he cannot do this alone...we cannot do this alone, unless we pray to God...ask for blessings...pray for President Obama, to give him the strength, wisdom, and knowledge to tackle the pressures of what he will have to come face-to-face with. See, I bet everyone of us who were growing up wanted to be President of the United States...Well, what do you say and think about it now? It's a tough ass job to be President...as of now, however. The world is in peril...Things are falling apart. Whatever happend to those good old days? It's been gone...24 years of living and I've seen alot of what's around me, good and bad. But this...where's my future going? Where's our damn future going? This younger generation...we need to stand up and better ourselves to better the world that we all live in. Speaking of that...who voted for the 2008 election? I know that I did...not for the hell of it, then I would be shallow, but I voted because I wanted, not for me, but our generation to have a much better life than it was with Bush...I'm tired of that already. I want change and progress...Obama will deliver...

Pardon this lengthy entry, but I must address this to ya'll, my take in all this. I'm not sure how many of you out there are Obama fans, but if you're not...then that's okay with me. But I'm sure you guys have watched and listened to the debates regarding issues that apply to all of us, right?Honestly, I didn't watch all of the debates that were being broadcast live...I wasn't sure who to vote for at first! But thanks to the news and me determined to watch the other debates, further increased my awareness, let alone, my knowledge. I literally thought about my future...and the future of others. I thought about if the world continues as it is and gets a lot worse...we won't even have a future...even the future we dreamt about would change in reality! It wouldn't be the same in our heads! And so, I watched both debates, Obama and McCain, but I was more intrigued with Obama's matters (respects to McCain's matters)...(Oh, before I go any further...I did not vote for Obama because of race, mind you. If you thought I was...what the fuck were you thinking...?) because I really liked his confidence, determination, and strength...he is hungry like a lion and wants a much more better world for us to live in and to enjoy again. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know you guys have that mentality of, "It's easier said than done, Brian..." go ahead and believe that, but I do not fall into that category of conformity...Okay, have YOU guys paid any attention to 2008's decision? Did you rock the vote? How about the debates and issues being tackled? For those who didn't...then shut the fuck up! Shit, at least give-a-damn of what's going on in the world...you don't want your future to get fucked up now, right?

On January 20, 2009, when President-Elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States and his title of President Barack Obama...think about this: God, prayer, hope, change, progress, families, other countries, soldiers, economy, diseases, hunger/famine, health, environment, wars, terrorism, crime, violence, natural disasters, other people around you, and our younger generation, our generation, our future, our future-futures to come...if change, hope, and progess is to come, will it be followed to our children's-children and their future...or will we be pedaling back and repeating ourselves...?

I was born under Reagan...grew up with two Bush's...and now a man under Obama...
Living with the cold war...living the first Gulf War...living 9/11...living with recession...what's our future...?

Thanks. We will be watching. We will be praying...God speed.

Peace, love and God bless to everyone...have a great Tuesday...


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  1. YEA!! GO!! obama!!
    first afro-american president in the U.S

    By: R.J.Garc!a-21
    B-Boy J-s!de21