Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Sleep On These...(Vol. 0)

Pharoahe Monch - Desire [2007]

Picked this up 2 years ago. This is definitely slept on...I believe about a little over 17,000 copies were sold as of 2007. This comes after his first solo album, Internal Affairs, which came out in 1999, which did better than Desire--over 200,000 copies. To me, Desire isn't as good as Internal Affairs, but this former Organized Konfusion member still has some dopeness left in him. With help from The Alchemist, Mr. Porter, Black Milk, and Sa-Ra, just to name some, this isn't half-bad. This deserves some airplay from the radio, though...and picking up from you guys out there. Tracks to groove: Welcome To The Terrordome, So Good, Push, Desire.

DJ Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 [2008]

I'm still new to this series, let alone the whole OM Records catalog, to be honest. When I picked up Mushroom Jazz 5 and started listening to it...NON-STOP, I was instantly hooked. I JUST HAD TO COLLECT THE WHOLE DAMN SERIES. And yes, I picked up Mushroom Jazz 6--if I didn't I wouldn't be writing this commentary then, right? The Live In Tokyo album is the shit, too! Mark Farina is my new favorite DJ...He's up there on my list. Finding the other Mushroom series are tough...but I'm determined. If you like Electronica, Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop, House, Uptempo/Downtempo-type music, then this is for you. Tracks I like: THE WHOLE ALBUM.

Jackson Conti (Madlib & Mamao Conti) - Sujinho [2008]

2 for the price of 1...How great is that!? Two of my favorite musicians--an all-around musician himself, Madlib and Azymuth drummer (one of my favorite Brazilian Jazz drummers...and drummers altogether) Ivan "Mamao" Conti. I almost want to call this a "live" album because it sounds like it's played live, and played non-stop. The sound is amazing! Arrangement and production is absolutely superb. These two masters are like porn to your ears...EAR-GASM, SON. This is like Brazilian Jazz/Jazz, Funk, mixed with a twist of Hip-Hop. Bass-thumpin' and, at times, bass heavy. Mamao just kills it on the drums! You can just feel like you're in Brazil watching these two in deep concentration. No faves here...I love everything about it. I'm glad I copped it for my collection and listening pleasure. All you drummers out there, this should not be a miss!

Black Spade - To Serve With Love [2008]

Another OM favorite that's slept on. You might remember Black Spade, say...from...Nicolay...? (Does it ring a bell...?) Yup, on the Here album. This is his first solo album and I gotta' tell ya...this is hot! You can hear all the inspirations and influences that Spade put on his album. Mostly produced by him, the soul of his album comes from the production, sound, and lyrics all tied in one. Listening to the album in its entirety has its familiarity, for those who know their music. Heavy beats and samples...this album has. This delivers. (But why is it slept on? I don't know. It shouldn't be.) Get it now! Bomb joints: To Serve With Love, Her Perfume She Wore, The Genius In You, True Friends, Not For The Bullshit.

Madlib The Beat Konducta - WLIB AM King of the Wigflip [2008]

If you are familiar with, and kept up with, The Beat Generation series from BBE, then you know what's up. This is the last in the series--way to go out with a Madlib compilation, huh? Anyways...ah, Madlib. This dude is unstoppable. Pushes album after album after album like he doesn't give a damn. And proof that he makes yet another solid album that you can't miss. Tracks such as: Blow The Horns On 'Em, Yo Yo Affair Pts. 1 & 2, Heat. Shit, who knows what else he'll cook up next...

Blu & Mainframe Are: Johnson & Jonson [2008]

Don't let this red baby album cover fool you. This is one that you really cannot sleep on...I think so at least. Yes...once again it's our pal, Blu. You might know him by now (hopefully) by such acts with Exile, Ta'raach, and Aloe Blacc--just to name a few--and by now you should know the soon-to-be-classic, Below The Heavens, with Exile. Honestly, the J&J album is a lot better than the C.R.A.C. album, The Piece Talks, which he worked with Ta'raach. Though a short-track album, it's still sweet to listen to. Orginally intended to be a mixtape to go along with Below The Heavens, this album is fun and witty, opposed to the manic energy of C.R.A.C. I'm tellin' you, the lyrics, cadence, and flows of Blu are really impressive. I really like his style of flow and usage of words, plus his voice adds that extra dopeness in him that sets it off. Okay...I gotta' get this out...The one track that ya'll should listen to is 'Bout It, 'Bout It. That is a bomb-ass joint! VERY catchy. Check that joint out...My favorite track on J&J..."I know you 'Bout It, 'Bout It but it's how you go about it..."

Look out for Vol. 1 of this segment, soon...

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