Sunday, January 11, 2009

May The Vinyl Be With You...All The Freakin' Time...

I'm a musician...and overall varietition (if that's a freakin' word...) of everything...musicial. And yes, beatboxing counts. The voice can be a powerful instrument, too, you know...5th element, stand up! I love instruments. I've played a lot with sound. I've played with records, played with different turntables, pushed pads with my fingers, played percussion instruments...(I still do by the way. I rock a Yo-Ma-Ma Stage Custom Advantage...) piano, and what-not...But this. fresh.

Presenting the Vestax Controller One Turntable.
(Finger-lickin' fresh!)

Here, Teeko demos the new Controller One. Peep...

Read about the Vestax C.O.T. here after the jump

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