Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday ?uesto! + End Of An Era For The Roots...

?uestlove is my dude...and every else's dude. He's the drummers drummer (no disrespect to all the other drummers out there) but this dude can rock! Listen to any Roots album or any albums that he may have produced on or drummed on...or attend/watch any Roots concerts and there ya go...KILLER, SON, KILLER. He's one of my top favorite drummers out there, let alone we rock the same YO-MA-MA (that's Yamaha for those who don't know Brian) drum kit. What will they roll out with next? Peace to ?uesto and The Roots crew...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish you and The Legendary the best.

Via Okayplayer:

Happy Birthday to the Mighty ?uestlove, thanks for sharing all your gifts with the world, and congrats on getting the gift you most wanted this year, President Obama! Not only is this day historic on those fronts, but ?uesto has shared some sentiments on twitter about the transition (NOT retirement) ahead for The Roots as they get set to play their final show of a tour that began in October 2007 (just one part of 17 years of nearly non-stop touring) this Wednesday January 21st in Seoul, South Korea. Click the "Read More" to get the excerpts.

?uesto on twitter:

" charmed life: first night as a road dog. moers germany mailk, riq, and me arguing who is gonna get the single bed in 1993... and now on the last night of being a road dog: im in a hotel with a friggin six flags sized amusement park INSIDE THE FUCKING LOBBY!!!!!!!!

17 years of madness. perhaps i'll write a book. (when im 90 and everyone is looooooooooooong gone lol)

Seoul Korea. The last stop on a tour that started in Oct 2007. And The closing of a chapter for the last tour by the band (god willing on
fallon /GE/nbc's behalf lol)

thanks all for the bday wishes. amazing day. korean bbq, bootlegbackdoor alley deal$, my president going in office, and a roller coaster : ) "

- qoolquest

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