Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Warrior

What's good ya'll? Had a great weekend? I know I stayin' at home. But here's a video I shot with my camera phone (pardon the video quality and sound...might want to turn it up a little...) with my boys from the hood...and one from Grand Rapids, at Sean's house doin' a little sessioning. Of course, I can't play guitar for crap...wish I did though. Anyways, here it is, in its entirety, via a little over 25 mintues long! Mind you, this is only part 1 of 3 of the "In Deep Concentration Session 1409-1", so if you want to view the others, check it out here on my YouTube profile. Oh, and look out for more videos coming soon on my blogs when available...Speaking of which, I posted up a video from yesterday, courtesy of my boy John, that he and his friends made at Cornerstone University titled The Tradition. Peep the entry directly below this one. Shouts to ya'll. I dig!

Quick weekend rundown:
-eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, EAT, EEEAATT, and more...EAATIING...ugh...
-good peoples, good...EATING...
-YouTubing...videos, what-not...
-late night stay-ups...
-the most UNUSUAL car I've riden does that happen??
-attack of the, no, no, I'm fine, thanks.
-tiredness, but energetic...
-did I mention...EATING...?
-did I also mention...MORE EATING...? (wtf...)
-not eating, again. (at least for now...)

Shouts to...TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE TO MENTION...I think you guys know who you are, I'm lazy to comment! Hi, April!

b. it'stheneeeewstyyle!


  1. im actually diggin your blog thingy! hahah

    youre so awesome =)


  2. Haha, thanks =)

    You're more awesome because you're one of the few that reads and comments on my blog =D

  3. lol wth! haha that's what you doing ya'll

    and that's video it's ok but cool dow
    lol wth! haha that's what you doing ya'll

    and that's video it's ok but cool dow =D

  4. Hey weirdo...about damn time you're here.