Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kind Of Blue At 50

I'm a Jazz cat. I love it. From Monk to Coltrane, Simone to Davis, I've grown to listen to Jazz music and the revolution, of...Just like Hip-Hop. Jazz music, to me, is a whole new realm of music...a culture if you will, a stew...a melting pot of fine instrumentalists, people, and singers. These are true artists, and Jazz conveys itself to me as...infinite. Knowing more about Jazz and listening to so many greats, I have a great deal of respect for Jazz and the artists, such as drummers Earl Palmer and Max Roach, saxonphonist John Coltrane, pianist Thelonious Monk, Jazz singers Billie Holiday and Nina Simone...and many, many, more. But Jazz has also taught me how to be more of has this discipline in-acted on itself.

Jazz has also spread to more countries and taking into different forms...but Jazz is still the same, in it's essence. For example, Brazil. I love Brazilian Jazz. After listening to Madlib, watching (multiple times) of the Brasilintime dvd, listening to One Note Samba, Desafinado, The Girl From Ipanema...and even Jackson Conti (that's Madlib and one of my favorite Brazilian jazz drummers, Ivan Conti) on constant rotation.

However, one man has defied Jazz. Who rocked the Jazz world. Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. Dude is sick! From classic modern jazz to jazz rock, Davis had the world in his hands. Heck, he had his own world in his hands! I'd tell you more...but there's so much to tell. But I'll leave you to go to this: Miles Davis's own site. Visit it if you want to know more...

From Sketches of Spain to Bitches Brew to Kind of Blue, one has stood out, for me, the best in his favorite Mile's album Kind of Blue. This masterpiece of an album turns 50 this year, and to give some brief commentary about the album, I will. This album is a different kind of album, transcending both genres of hard-bop or cool-jazz recording. Thanks to the sextet--personnel: Davis, Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly (on one track), Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb. But, there have been mixed reviews and opinions about this album, but my opinion and review stands out...this is a classic at it's best. I look at it more deeply as hard work and effort put forth on what Davis wanted in this particular album. I bet he didn't care to what you thought was right or wrong. It was his way of expression. It was his control, but teamwork was involved. I don't know about you, but I'll let you decide what you think. Pick this up now, if you haven't...If you're into Jazz or not, this album cannot be missed. Tracks enjoyed: Blue In Green, Flamenco Sketches.

If you didn't know about this or missed it, here's a remix compiliation of Miles Davis's songs produced by The Apple Juice
Kid titled Miles Remixed, courtesy of Okayplayer and Illroots.

Download here after the jump

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