Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reflection Eternal

First day of school for me starts today...Our first African-American president was inaugurated today. I feel good. I feel so good. Yes, I've pretty much watched all of the inauguration ceremony...Yes, I am glad. On the drive to campus and finally here sitting at the LRC writing this blog entry to ya'll, I can finally have relief, that, for me, our future, is now in the hands of our new President, our re-established government, and let's not forget...the eyes and hands of our God. My future is important--our own future...for everyone. In fact, my future is not only important to me, but to everyone around me. My future and your future...our future will no longer be what it was before--hopless, bleek, less confident--for me...you and yours, our future will come. It's here. Hope, progress, and change is here. Let us not look back and retrace what has been done, but to look forward for what has come...What will come. I am proud to have been part of this historic, monumental event in history and in my life. This is what I've wanted...What we all want and deserve. Thank you Mr. President. Godspeed...

Peace, love, and God bless...
To you and yours...


*Inaugural Speech download after the jump

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  1. YES WE CAN!!!

    and thnx god

    Mr.Pres Obama


    I did watch already inauguration ceremony in my skool 2day during & after the final test was make up on.

    so yup bro