Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why, Brian...? Why...?

The following is not a paid Public Service Announcement.
Gyeah. Because I want to. Because...I like expressing myself in every way possible, whether it be music, writing, in vocal form...or here. Blogging. That's the reason why I do this, folks, since everyone has been asking me the day I got this exactly a month ago. I really don't care what people think about this whole me-writing-blogs-almosteverysingledaything. I just enjoy it. It's like another way of telling someone, or the masses, to generalize, that hey...I wanna share to, you know! I wanna be heard! "...Here's my thought's..." In fact, I've wanted a blog for awhile...just never got to it until late last year in December.

I think for me, blogging is a step-up more from all the other profile/blogging/wanna-be blog sites, i.e., MySpace, Friendster...blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc., etc. BULL! I could careless about that ish. Overrated like-a-mama. This is more of my comfort level. It's relaxing...mature looking, semi-casual/formal...unlike the latter, kiddy, tacky, teeny-bobberISH sites we still have, or have seen. I admit, I was one of those people, too. But I'm out of that phase, folks. No hate on those people who have those...or nothing against these's just,'s just NOT ME. So, find me here and all my blogging glory...I'm sure you'll find my blog interesting and enjoyable. If not, that's okay with me. Either way, I'll still show some love...No hate. At least browse and read it, gosh darnit.

Now, I know...and notice...that every time I post, it goes through e-mail contacts that I've added...automatically. And I know that I get replys/comments back from you from my e-mail...but you can click on the links that go directly to my blog, if not, one of the entries...right? Go there and under each entry there will be a comment link in can't miss it. It's just alot easier to check, rather for me to sign-in to my e-mail. But I don't mind if you comment/reply on my e-mail, though. Just, you'll make my life easier...

I appreciate all the comments ya'll given me...(It's a damn Saturday, what are you doing, or STILL doing here, reading this!?) Shouts to all my #1 fans out there: John, Ashley, Cherry,, I'm tired and know who are...Go ahead, you can enjoy your Saturday now...Peace to ya'll takin' your time.

From your OTHER #1 fan:


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