Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't Sleep On These. You Can, After You Pick 'Em Up...

The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind [2008]

4 years after their first LP Connected was released, their second LP, Leave It All Behind, is classic, next to Connected. When their single, Daykeeper dropped, I was blown away...I was instantaneously hooked. Expect it or not expect it...Though different from Connected, Nicolay and Phonte still come through like-a-mother. How different you may ask? Bright, airy...head-bobbin' beats, sweet, fresh vocals versus LIAB's dark, loungy/chilled, mellow-drama-ish sounds and "love-song" vocals, with minimum rapping from Phonte, respectively speaking, of course. We want more! Still one of my don't sleep on this one, folks!

Q-Tip - The Renaissance [2008]

I gotta give tons of props for Q-Tip on this one. (Ah, ATCQ. Bring's back those dope days...) He's come a long, long, LONG ass way and he comes through with The Renaissance, which was released on Election Day November 4, 2008. It's been 10 years after he released Amplified, and, in between, the shelved, ill-forgotten Kamaal The Abstract that was supposed to released on 2002 (?) However, I think there is an import version of that album that came out last year. Anyways, this album delivers! In my opinion, there's not one track that I's all of them. Pick this up now and you'll see what I mean...

J. Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project 2 [2008]

I can't believe I totally missed this one! Luckily, my boy John told me about it (props, bro!) This comes 2 years after LCP 1 and this album has more jazzy joints...and yes, a lot jazzier than LCP 1. Still has that live instrumental flava', which I love and enjoy on both albums. I'm a Jazz cat. I love it! I dig this dude! I hope he keeps pushin' it along with more dope shit. LCP 3...maybe...? Dope tracks: Capricorn's Reprise, Bongosss (Interlude), A Tribute to Da Beatminerz. Jazz + Hip-Hop = Jazz-Hop...Married forever...

Illa J - Yancey Boys [2008]

What can I say about this one? Okay...I won't say much. No need of an introduction for this dude. You can figure this out yourselves. What I can say, however, is that I've been waiting a little over a year for dude to come out with an LP. After the Illa J EP dropped in '07...I was all like, "Oh shit!" Then...BAM! Last year, Yancey Boys comes out! This has got to be one of the top favorites in my collection and on heavy, heavey rotation. If you sleep on this, ya'll don't know what you're missin' (I stress that, big time). The album is hot!! Production is fresh, enjoyable, and...drivable! If I'd personally have to rate this...I'd give this 5 out of 5. Joints to smoke: Timeless, Sounds Like Love ft. Debi Nova, We Here, R U Listenin'? ft. Guilty Simpson. Look out for this dude...Classic shit! Pick this up now!

Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens [2007]

I need the commentary...Maybe you know this album already or maybe not, but I could not stop bangin' this album! I still can't! Hands down Blu and Exile go hand-in-hand, no doubt. I first heard about Blu when I heard Another Day, then his Lifted EP, which featured the track. When I heard Exile, it was one of the Scion CD Sampler v/a compilation cd's, then an Emanon album with him and Aloe Blacc, and then his first album Dirty Science. With Blu's ill, battle-style, anecdotal-like flows and Exile's bangin', bass-thumpin, course, choppy samples/beats...the duo is unstoppable! Easily 5 out of 5. Joints to bump: So(ul) Amazin' (Steel Blazin'), In Rememberance of Me, Blu Colla Workers...if you gotta fly lady, listen to Dancing in the Rain. You definitely don't want to sleep on this one! Look out for Blu movin' on up on the mainstream circuit, along with the other rookies...dude is fresh! Oh, and look out for Exile's new album Radio on January 20.

J-Live - Then What Happend? [2008]

I've overlooked this a few times before when it came out early in '08. I'm glad that I didn't, again. When I first heard J-Live, he was featured on Asheru and Blue Black's album 48 months (peep that, ya'll...) on the track Trackrunners, then J-Live's EP release, Reveal The Secret. Dude is sick, son! Yes, back to commentary...He is not only a dope emcee, but also a dope ass producer. The album has that strict East Coast flava'...that boom-bap shit filled with samples, and I love that in a record. With respect, though, I enjoy his production...some flows are alright, but overall an easy 4 out 5. Joints I like: Be No Slave, The Upgrade ft. Posdanous & Oddisee, The Understanding, The Zone ft. Chali 2na. I want more! Call Nicolay and Phonte!


  1. awww!!! these 6 CD's are tight beat yo

    and i can't stop listen this (The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind & Q-Tip - The Renaissance)

    there's the most badass mean real gud (beat,rhyme mean to sing,& rap). MAN!! so gud to listen this all the time..

    thx kuya sa burn CD Q-Tip & put in my MP3 song of The foreign Exchange, also btw show me about more new CD release what you have & give example of all songs from new

    aiite peace & god bless =D

  2. You're welcome, man. I'll show you more...

    And yes, I'll continue on this review/commentary on albums and such...