Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Q-Tip, The Funky Abstract Brotha'

So I'm on the internet on Google searching for Q-Tip, specifically two of his albums...well 1, really, Open (Kamaal The Abstract...FINALLY will see the light of day). I'm just researching for more information, even more so, about the album by different sources, searching for the track list, and basically the album cover. I've also searched around the "in-betweens". What I mean by that are EP's, mixtapes, and what-not that have either came out or not...or by import only. So far, I'm glad that I found out more about those. However, I'm not really convinced much about the track list and some of the information I found, like the specific year that it was supposed to be released...but at least it would be close enough. But the track listing...seems kinda iffy to me, but not much so.

So I thought I'd share this post and other thoughts, like the track list (I'm going to have to call it "unofficial" track list) of Open, which I believe was thought to be released in 2005 or '06, but shelved...Hopefully one day we'll see this out in the light of day...

01. Johnny Died
02. Black Boy
03. Official
04. N/A (featuring Common)
05. Say Something For Me
06. Interlude
07. I’m Not Gone Have It
08. Unknown
09. Unidentified
10. Feelings
11. Where Did You Go
12. That’s Sexy” (featuring André 3000)
13. Late Mornin
14. Compute
15. I Believe (featuring D’Angelo)
16. Lisa (Extended Instrumental)
17. Instrumental
18. Lisa (Original)

I didn't really expect this track list to be that long...but you know Q-Tip, dude knows his music and gots style. But anyways, honestly, I haven't heard this album...yet, BUT to you people out there that might be surprised (me, didn't really surprise me with this, I've read up on some stuff...) is that if you look at the track list, there's at least a few tracks that actually made it on The Renaissance LP...Okay, maybe I've heard some of the album...It was a few years ago, but trust me, I don't have it. The tracks almost sound similar, but you can tell it was redone on The Renaissance. Man, if ever this album will see the light of day I'm definitely gonna cop that. Can you believe that it was "deemed to be uncommerical"? ...Record company peoples are shady.

01 03:36 For The Nasty Remix Ft Busta Rhymes
02 03:15 Scram Jones
03 04:18 That's Sexy Ft Andre 3000
04 04:21 Fever
05 04:18 Black Boy
06 04:13 Passes You By
07 03:27 Good Thing
08 03:25 I Got Rhythm Ft Royce The 5' 9 & Lena Horne
09 04:15 I Believe Ft D'angelo
10 03:13 The Official
11 03:17 Johnny Died
12 03:20 Listen Ft Heavy D
13 03:16 Not Gon Have It
14 03:43 Request
15 04:08 Lisa
16 03:00 Hey
17 05:43 Poetry Ft Erykah Badu

Again, I wanna say this track list in "unofficial" so please, if anyone knows better, correct me on this post...or any thing on this post for that matter. It said it was released on 2008...but I haven't seen this anywhere and I believe it might have been an import. Some tracks appear on the Open album, the rest, never even heard. I was probably thinking that the Open would be like a different version from the Abstract Innovations album...leaving some to be the same while other tracks are swapped with other ones. Who knows...? Or maybe, it could be different to this...

01. Phone Intro (feat. Pup Dawg)
02. Nasty (feat. Ecks & Busta Rhymes)
03. Scram Jones
04. Thats Sexy (feat. Andre 3000)
05. Fever
06. Keep It Moving (feat. Hi-Tek & Kurupt)
07. Black Boy
08. Passes You By
09. Good Thing
10. I Got Rhythm (feat. June Bug & Lena Horne)
11. I Believe (feat. D'Angelo)
12. The Official
13. Johnny Died
14. The Frog (feat. & Sergio Mendes)
15. Listen (feat. Heavy D)
16. Not Gon Have It
17. Request
18. Lisa
19. Hey
20. Poetry (feat. Erykah Badu)
21. Phone Outro (feat. Pup Dawg)

This I've seen, but I don't have it yet. I still want this mixtape because if you see there are tracks there from the unreleased LP's I've just mentioned above. I think this is as close as you can get to the Open album, if not the Abstract Innovations one as well. I think "The Frog" track I heard on Sergio's album...Hmm...Forget when this came out...probably a couple of years ago...This is still on my "records to get" list...


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