Sunday, July 12, 2009

Melanie Fiona & ?uestlove - The Bridge Live Remix Mixtape

It's finally here! I've been anticipating this release for weeks now since I heard the "Ay Yo" remix track on Okayplayer...and I knew this was gonna be FIRE. I finally had the chance to download it for FREE--shouts to BLS for the post--and now I can vibe out to it until her debut album, The Bridge, is due in August. Download it here FREE, above...


Track List:
1. Give It To Me Right (prod. Andrea Martin)
2. Bang Bang (prod. Rob Fusari)
3. Monday Morning (prod. Peter Wade Keusch & Sidh Solanki)
4. Please Don’t Go (Cry Baby) (prod. Vada nobles & Bill Blast)
5. Ay Yo (prod. Future Cut)
6. Walk On By (prod. Andrea Martin)
7. You Stop My Heart (prod. Future Cut)
8. Johnny (prod. Stereotypes)
9. Sad Songs (prod. Andrea Martin)
10. Priceless (prod. Dan Strong & JK)
11. It Kills Me (prod. Jay Fenix & Andrea Martin)
12. Teach Him (prod. Andrea Martin)

Give It To Me Right - Melanie Fiona

Bang Bang - Melanie Fiona

Ay Yo - Melanie Fiona

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