Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr. J. Medeiros, The Ill-Forgotten

Ill-forgotten is right...Well, for me at least. I forgot about this dude having his new LP out soon (9/09). I actually thought I was sleepin' on this dude and thought his new LP dropped this Summer. Turns out that it hasn't dropped yet, and YES I was sleepin' on Mr. J. But not anymore...Via Okaplayer, I found this video titled, "Holding On" featuring Tara Ellis (supposedly his single) which happens to be a very inspirational one as well, just what you would expect from Mr. J. (see Of Gods and Girls). This track is off his brand new LP Friends Enemies Apples Apples.

Track List:

1 Children (feat. Tara Ellis)
2 Last Stars
3 My Own
4 Target Market
5 Holding On (feat. Tara Ellis)
6 K38
7 Apples, Apples
8 W.A.N.T.S. (feat. Tara Ellis)
9 Smile
10 Left Me (feat. Tara Ellis)
11 Brutus
12 The Balance (feat. Tara Ellis)

Check out his MySpace and his official site...

For now, take a listen and enjoy tracks from his new LP, old LP, and everything in-between...

Call You - Mr. J Medeiros

Constance - Mr. J Medeiros

Amelie feat. 20Sly of Hocus Pocus - Mr. J Medeiros

Apathy feat. DJ Vajra - Mr. J Medeiros

Soul Shine Ft. Mr. J Medeiros, Kam Moye (Supastition), Bahamadia & Nicole Amina - Soulution

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  1. bro...I listened to "Holding On" and dude that is some sweet melodic awesomeness right there. I got it on repeat bro - the hip-hop vibes are coming back!!!

    ps: Tara Ellis has a "dope-ah-licious" voice - so smooth and soothing to the ears mon!!!