Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Can I Get Water?" Happy Independence Day

Just got back from a few hours at the beach with some of my friends. Typical kind of weather you'd get here in Chicago, really, the suburbs...Cloudy, steel gray looking skies, drizzles of rain spitting on your face, and not-so hot temperatures that make you think that the Summer season just fast forwarded to a late Summer almost early Fall feel. Anyways, it was still good and fun to just get out of the house and do something...swim--though the lake was like 30-40 degrees--football, frisbee, walking in the stone covered sands that make it feel like you're walking on knives, but once you walk deeper towards the lake, the sand didn't feel that bad...pretty smooth actually.

After the beach, me and the rest of the guys were hungry...Me, I was STARVING my butt off. When I was swimming, my stomach started to growl...I just had to get out of the water and eat a good meal. So we did that...Headed to Steak 'n Shake, got myself a Frisco Melt meal with Fries and a nice, tall glass of Iced Tea. YUMMY. The rest got Steak Burgers...Ha, speaking of which, the following conversation was between one of friends that sat next to me and the waiter taking our orders...

Waiter: ...And for you, what would you like?Friend: Yeah, um, I want the Single Steakburger with Bacon and Fries.Waiter: Okay...what would you like on your burger?Friend: Uh, water.The Rest Of Us, Including The Waiter: LMAO...!Waiter:(slightly laughing; tries to keep it together) No...would you like onions, lettuce, tomato, etc. on the burger?Friend: (embarrassed; laughs, and still laughs) Okay, okay! No...just kidding! Shut-up! No, umm, yeah...just everything on it...Waiter: (chuckles...finishes up writing our orders...) Okay. Okay...Would that be all for you guys?Us: Yes, thank you.
That made my day. See, I told you I'd say something about it here. LOL. He then ordered DRINK, and NOT on his burger. Hilarious.

After that, decided to go back home. While driving back home, my mind started to wonder about fireworks. I was thinking about fireworks and just thinking about what's the point of buying fireworks when you can actually go see them for free. More bang for your buck--no pun intended. And plus, the displays are better, bigger, brighter, and louder...much more exciting than those wimpy kinds. But then again, my mind offers another side to where we fall into consumer trends and actually BUY them. Not really much of a coincidence...but it's true. We don't care, right? But as for me, I'm getting too old for doing that stuff...Maybe when I go to the Philippines...then hey, maybe I'll give it a shot with them fireworks and firecrackers there. Mmhmm...


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  1. oh wow!!! dude!!!!
    ok whatever..
    i don't mind for that lol.

    thx bro for been playin around w/ me & hanging out.

    peace =D