Monday, July 20, 2009

Never Cared Too Much X Track Commentary

Here it is, like I promised. Our third song titled "Never Cared Too Much", fresh from the "lab". I also decided to include some commentary regarding this track...

Never Cared Too Much This was done in a day...Say several hours which was yesterday--being Sunday--from the afternoon through the late afternoon. I had to go home for a couple of hours to take care of stuff and it was Sean and John that was already there ahead of me (at Sean's house). I didn't really mind much. But as soon as I got there later, they've told me that they also completed and redid the "You Are" track--which was just the vocals to balance out well with the instruments...Sound wise that is--I'll have that soon, like I said. Anyways, I got there when they told me that they were just about to work on this song that you hear--right on time, too. With that, we messed around a bit...took some random photos and what-not. Jas wasn't with us this time, but we all wished he was there. Basically it was just the trio--John, Me, and Sean. Of course we had and used the same tools that we've always used to play and record. If I recall, this was actually Sean's conceptualized song that he created...with the help of John and I--John having that singing voice versus US who had nothin' like his voice...but we still used to manage something out of us. Our voices weren't as good as his, so John was mainly the singer on this one. But ultimately, this was our song with our group in mind. The recording process, however, was a little difficult and challenging, but also fun...I remember Sean's pedal and that really dope effect that our voices had...Funny! I'd really want to use that someday in another recording...Like some kind of intro before the song--I'll save that for another time. The instruments were the first to be laid down and then we individually did the vocals ourselves--like it is always when we record our songs. Though the process of recording our vocals difficult in general than any other thing involving this track--tone, pitch, range, arranging...singing voices. But after awhile it worked out. I think this was one song that had more guitar work put into it. This song, compared to the previous two, was more of like my style of play...with a little flava' in-between--I'm talking drums, here. And get this...I actually did a little vocal work alongside with John to further emphasize more of the vocal ranges of us three than the actual instruments. It was helped out--after awhile--and it actually went quite well. Which brings me to this...Another being more vocal involvement was put forth in this track. A longer track than the previous two, but well-worth the recording. In-between the recording sessions we AGAIN had some technical problem...Really, it was some accidental mistake and quite literally it was SMALL. Freaked it us out a bit, but no blamimg involved. That was solved--after a few restarts and what-not. I have to say though that this is one of my favorite tracks--next to "Guardian"--because I think it was more involved than any of the other tracks that we did. Again, group effort. Safe to say, I guess we can take this home to Jas since he wasn't there--where were you buddy? It's all good, though.

Produced by: Second Nature--Conceptualized by Sean Lacson

J.R. - Electric Guitar, lead Vocals, co-Producer, co-Writer
Sean Lacson - Electric Guitar, additional Vocals, Writer, Producer
B.Major - Drums, additional Vocals, arrangements/co-Producer

Thank you and thank you very kindly.


  1. nice commentary, i definitely wanna read what you had to say on the other two :)

  2. Thanks! Looking forward for more...

  3. guys bringing back the GRUNGE movement mon!!??