Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hype Is On J.R.

Just when you thought it wasn't enough. Here's the brand new track that I was talking about--from Thursday's session with, maybe not. The track is titled "When I'm Around You" (which had a couple more titles, but this sticks). Listen/download for FREE. Enjoy.

Second Nature - When I'm Around You

Again, another one of those track commentaries I keep hittin' ya'll up with...just to give you some idea of what's around each track...and I'm here to do it again, this time with J.R.'s original composition "When I'm Around You"...

When I'm Around You So it was on Thursday, this week, that we recorded this song...well, at least helped record this song with John. See, this was an originial composition inspired by John himself that was just aching to be written and recorded for quite some time now since the day I heard it first from John. With the help of us, Sean and I, was more Sean and J.R. than me--I did maybe one line to finish up the second verse--I remember it was somewhat tough for us to come up with lyrics to finish up this song...John having the most difficulty (don't worry, John, not to pick on you with that...just saying) coming up with the right lyrics and the right tone/rhythm. I, however, just thought, "Man, I'm glad I'm not a singer and write songs..." and just started thinking of a simple yet flavorful drum style to accompany this song--think like classic oldies/folk/light rock kinda stuff--that's what I was trying to go for. Speaking of style, we decided to just scrap the drums altogether and just strictly make it (for now) an acoustic style track...I agreed and also agreed that it did sounded better once the final recording was done. So that was that. The title...We had a few other titles goin' on with this track...Originally it was titled "When I'm Around You", then it came to be "The Girl Wearing The Pants"...or some shit like that...then it was titled "When I'm With You"...Honestly, I'd keep the original title as is rather than just coming up and changing a title to song that you just composed. Originality and creativity go hand-in-hand...and it's key...Anyways, I think it was John and I that decided to ultimately keep the original title as intended to be. So yes, no drums on my part this time...but I did help by arranging and co-producing the track...and did a little drum test (see video on previous post) to come up with something. During recording, it was a little long because we did so many takes and took time on the writing process and for John to get the right singing voice...Not sure why it was tough for him to get it right on one shot, let alone in one take...When Sean and I sang that line we nailed it. It's all good, though...he eventually nailed it...And this is the final result once you listen or have already listened to it. Like I mentioned awhile ago that this is strictly acoustic and it was John and Sean who did the guitars, both Acoustic Guitar and Electric. Sean also did the solo part in the song while he was spiffying up the song. Funny, I remembered I did just a tiny vocal part in the very begining of the track--yup...the whole "2, 3, 4..." count, ha! But that's nothin'. Oh, forgot...the background of this track is quite simple...A woman dominating a man in a relationship--just in case you didn't get that when you listened to the song. Just to add...Be careful who you date...

Produced by: Second Nature--Composed by John Ryan Maming

J.R. - Writer, lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar/Electric
Sean Lacson - co-Writer, additional Guitar (Electric), Producer/arrangement
B.Major - the Count-Off, co-Producer/arrangement

***FINAL CUT of "You Are" is posted here...


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