Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm feeling to put up some photos from before. These are some that I haven't put up because I didn't get to them, didn't have them saved in my computer...or just didn't feel like posting them up. You might have seen these already somewhere...but whatever. These photos are from circa...whenevertheywere. Enjoy!



  1. Hey handsome prince =]

    WOW!!!! How much snow? That's amazing!!! I wish we got that much... :)

    I'm glad I'm strong, too. I don't think a normal person would survive that. NO WAY. So, yeah...

    And of course you can be my bodyguard!!!! I'd be grateful. Very much so. And I'm not being hard on myself, its just what I call myself. I know, it sounds stupid, but I don't find it insulting, because that's what we do here in the UK. We take insulting things and turn them into everyday terms. Okay, that IS really stupid. I'll never say it again :) And I'm so glad you don't judge me, unlike everyone else I know.

    I'm glad you don't bottle anything up, too. I'm always here :) And, well done for getting over it. I wish it was so easy for me... But I'll get there. Keep in hope. You'll find your Juliet one day, Romeo...

    I'm glad I make you smile. You make me grin cheesily like this :D And I may have won the love battle, but I'm sure you'll win the love war :) (I still love you.) :)

    I'm glad I got you as a present for my birthday. You're such a big part of my life now. I can't go back to not knowing you. NO WAY!!! You're the happiness in my life =] And my pen-pal :) AND my bodyguard :D

    Good luck for tomorrow!!!! Hope you do well :)

    Lots of love, your princess,

    Deanna xxxxx

  2. Them good 'ol timessss!! :)