Friday, March 20, 2009

First & Second Round Recap (First Half)

Yesterday's and last night's ball games really faired out for me...let alone that they were really good games to watch...except a few--more on that in a bit. Those games were fierce and tight in action! If you missed out on those ball looks to be pretty interesting so far for the first half of the first round in the Tourney.

So, with that being said, I kept up with all the games and completed my bracket standings, as of now. For now, here's what mine looks like and how I fair up:

So far, in the West, I have 4 out of the 6 teams that I predicted going on to the second round. The other two that didn't make it was Mississippi St. and California--I wanted those teams--but obviously, they didn't play well. To me, for a beginner, that isn't bad...but I wished those two teams played better...ugh...

(1) Connecticut v. (9) Texas A & M >> PREDICTED

(5) Purdue v. (4) Washington >> wanting Miss St. to advance to second round

(10) Maryland v. (2) Memphis >> wanting Cal to advance to second round

I predicted correctly that those 4 teams will make it to the second round. That UCLA/VCU game was close...Here's where I stand:

(6) UCLA v. (3) Villanova >> PREDICTED

(7) Texas v. (2) Duke >> PREDICTED

The only game that I didn't really get to catch on the tube was the North Carolina/Radford game...but I wasn't worried about it. I knew the Tar Heels would advance to the second round, but I did enjoy that Michigan/Clemson game--John and Cherry, I see you! What I didn't enjoy, and quite frankly, didn't expect to happen...was the Illini game against Western Kentucky...It was up and down for me...Close...but no cigar. I know the seeds don't matter, but a 12 seed beating a 5!? C'mon...I just hope Western Ky. doesn't beat a 4...*hint, hint*...So, 5 out of the 6 were predicted...leaving one, upset...

(1) North Carolina v. (8) LSU >> PREDICTED

(12) Western Kentucky v. (4) Gonzaga >> wanting Illini to advance to second round...but NoOOoo...

(10) Michigan v. (2) Oklahoma >> PREDICTED

Not bad for a beginner, eh? In total teams predicted, which was 16 in total, 13 of the 16 came out to be what I've predicted. Not. Bad. At. All. Though, I wish Illini would've made least to the second round, then I'll see who advances next. Eh. Can't wait for the second half action today...Let's see if I can still keep the ball rollin'...

More soon...


P.S. Jason, how'd you fair? What does your bracket look like?

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