Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Travels With Tony

Yesterday I was off. At home bummin' around diggin' around my record collection, listening to those selected, reading and re-reading the liner notes--because it's cool and interesting. After, I watched a few flicks that I haven't gotten to watch yet, one being from Netflicks that we rented--if I remembered, I think that was Hancock. After that, I got a little bored...bloggered-up for a little bit, e-mail, did a little searching and researching records, and soon enough, I was hungry as a hippo and I ate a pretty good meal. Later that night I watched No Reservations--you know, Anthony Bourdain's show. The dude you like to hate or love...or love to hate--I don't know, I think he's a pretty cool dude if you ask me. Sure he can be a biased and mean about things...but hey, that's who he is. That's his take on things. Watching him on his travels (last night, he was back in Vietnam) and eating what's there, it's always interesting hearing his commentary on his view and the country's view on things--culture, lifestyle, sociality, history, and on and on...--and it got me to think this...

...Food. I love food. I eat food. I think recently, I've become a foody. Not only that I've been watching those Travel Channel shows or any other shows, it's also what I've been experiencing and observing here, around me. Yet the fact, the foods that I've been eating and trying. Some not so enjoyable or palpable...others, I enjoy so much, they taste so good...it's become my favorite and wished for more. Okay, well, I can go on and on about food...but, that's not really what I'm talking about here. I'm going to expand what food is REALLY and SHOULD BE about, other than the latter...

...It's about the people, the culture, the environment or scenery in association with food. Enjoyment, thereof. Enjoying it with one another, sharing, talking...life things, whether they are bad or good. Just anything like that with any great food(s) is what it's about.

There could be something about a people, a country, a race, a culture...the scenery and environment that makes great food enjoyable, and vise-versa...What is it though? I'm not really sure...Honestly, that's hard for me to answer. Most likely Tony could answer that, EASY. But I think those mentioned, and then some, creates it...as a whole. I would like to experience that...Travel around places I haven't yet. Eat what they eat...enjoy the company of good people. Tony is dope, I don't care what you say...he's my buddy.

So, what do you think about all this? What's your take?

b. I'm hungry.

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  1. Oh man I love that show! And I love food. WOW this is the amazing-est post already. haha =D

    I agree with you wholeheartedly with the food and enjoyment. Food can bring people together (Well not between my brother and I. It used to create arguments; he'd always eat all the yan-yans...anyway, I digress!)

    I, too want to travel around and try other foods. I've never had African food, or Indian food besides curry, and no Russian food...and those are all just the majors countries! But lucky us, Chicago has it's own Indian town, and there are a bazillion ethnic restaurants around the city itself. I think we've got us some ideas for summer already, eh?

    Have a sweet week Kuya B =D