Tuesday, March 24, 2009

D.I.T.C. Outasight, Kee & Zee, DOOM

I gotta triple-header for ya'll...In this segment: an album prequel presented by Mick Boogie & thepressplayshow.com titled From There To Here: An Album Prequel, Keelay & Zaire's long-awaited LP Ridin High, and DOOM--dropped the MF--presents his new LP Born Like This.

This is a prequel to Outasight's album droppin' this summer called, "From Here To Eternity." I have it here for FREE. I've gotten this last week off there blog and so far, I'm diggin' it. This cat is really talented and I think he's one of many other new babies out there makin' it big in '09. Watch out for them dudes...

Below is the track list. Above, just click for the FREE ish!

I've been waiting for a long minute for these dudes to drop there LP. And finally, it's here! I just recently purchased the LP off iTunes--I couldn't wait any longer to get it on CD...plus, a lot of 'em here don't have it. Which sucks...And I'm not waiting for it if I pre-order it. Anyways, if you haven't already...get this album! It's hot! Some fresh shit. Tracks I'm diggin' right now are Cali 2 NY, Alright With Me, The Times. I've been keepin' up with them on there blog and on other sites...Droppin' and leakin' off free joints, a mixtape, and an EP...Now, I have the album!

DOOM's new album (he dropped the MF for some reason...) Born Like This dropped today and this one I like. Very, very much. I've been a big fan of his since Madlib and DOOM dropped the Madvillainy LP...and he turned out to be one of my favorite emcee's in the game. His lyrics is dope...Grimey and shit...Check out his LP. I dig that Lightworks track--ya'll know the deal on that one. I also like Cellz, Gazillion Ear, Ballskin. In my opinion, this one will be one of my favorite DOOM LP's. Look for DOOM...heard he's got more on the way...Perhaps an actual--not remixed this time--Madvillainy 2 LP...!?!? Hmm...

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