Tuesday, March 3, 2009

D.I.T.C. Act 4

Act 4 of J. Rocc's mix of Dilla. Act 4 leaves off where Act 3 ended. Dilla month is over, but it ain't over...

Cop it FREE on iTunes...Just click the photo cover...

****If you haven't already...get the Suite For Ma Dukes EP also on iTunes. Though 4 tracks long and only $3.96, this will surely be treasured in your ears and in your collection. And I swear, I can't put this down. This is well produced and arranged...Well orchestrated as well. Speaking of which, the vinyl also goes on sale March 10th. That's the pre-order on Stones Throw. Vinyl is $12.95. Get it now!

Brought to you by the folks at Stones Throw Records. The finest in independent music.
(I just made up the slogan...)

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