Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fantasy Bracketology: First Round - Second Round

Gyeah. I'm on that March Madness tip...Much more than I was last year. Involved that is. So, I decided to print me up the '09 bracket and make my predictions. I haven't filled all of them out completely, just to the second round. So after the second round, I'll make my predictions for sweet sixteen and the elite eight and so forth. I can't wait for my predictions to weigh in positively. Hope my predictions are right...I took some time doing a little research and talking to other peoples on what they predict--mind you, I ain't bitin' anyone elses assured. These are my OWN predictions, only.

So the games that I really want to look out for for the first round going off to the second--reason? Honestly...I'm not sure if the teams I predicted will actually make it to the second; I'm confident that the Illini will win, however--(and watch, obviously) are:

(5) Illinois v. (12) Western Kentucky
(8) Oklahoma St. v. (9) Tennessee
(5) Utah v. (12) Arizona
(7) Boston College v. (10) Southern California
(4) Washington v. (13) Mississippi St.

5 seed Illinois...I'm lookin' at you. For a W...

More to come...

b. Tell me what your bracket fantasy is for '09...

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